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clavel, clavis

A keystone of an arch.
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The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc (RBS, 'BBB+'/'F2') in its role of currency swap provider in Clavis 2007-1 (CL7), was downgraded in May 2015, below the threshold necessary to support 'AAAsf' note ratings.
L) has acquired e-commerce analytics specialist Clavis Insight for an initial cash consideration of USD 119m paid in December 2017 plus future earn outs payable over three years, the company said.
502) The Chinese "ideograms" seemed to show to the European eyes their direct and everlasting relationship with the transcendent concepts they allegedly represent, even if the key to this relationship--the legendary clavis sinica--remained a baffling mystery to the European scholars.
Like CELT, O Corrain's forthcoming Clavis litterarum Hiberniae will be another indispensable tool to Irish medievalists.
Katherine Wilson is director of marketing insights at Clavis Insight, an analytics firm that provides daily online-store and digital channel analytics for global consumer products brands.
Citing research by Euromonitor, Clavis Insight said online accounted for $300 million in U.
Mr Hellebo held the role of CEO at Clavis Pharma ASA, a Norwegian, oncology focused, listed biotechnology company.
BioAlliance Pharma SA, Clavis Pharma ASA, Cellerant Therapeutics, Inc.
Los dos ultimos itemes describen ediciones del Lexicon Homericum de Apolonio el Sofista, y el diccionario especializado denominado Clavis homerica.
SeeNews) - Nov 12, 2012 - Norwegian cancer drug developer Clavis Pharma (OSL:CLAVIS) reported on Monday unfavourable findings from a study of CP-4126, also known as CO-101, versus gemcitabine in metastatic pancreatic cancer.
Intelligence Agent Clavis Shepherd tracks down an American who may have engineered the worldwide collapse, and may find the root of the evil in us all.
Managing director Dr Trish Smith oversaw the expansion of the company's customer base into automotive assembly plants in Europe, South America, North America and Asia with recent installations of their highly developed CLAVIS system.