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spring beauty:

see purslanepurslane,
common name for some plants of the Portulaceae, a family of herbs and a few small shrubs, chiefly of the Americas. The portulacas or purslanes (genus Portulaca) include many species indigenous to the United States. The pussley, or common purslane (P.
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SP SP SP SP 97 97 04 04 Taxa C E C E Acer negundo -- -- 21 25 Alliaria petiolata 60 56 59 54 Boehmeria cylindrica -- -- 28 31 Circaea lutetiana -- -- -- -- Claytonia virginica 18 22 -- -- Daucus carota 19 27 -- -- Eupatorium rugosum -- -- 21 27 Galium aparine 68 57 * 21 28 Geum sp.
Claytonia, Miner's lettuce also known as winter purslane (Montia Perfoliata) forms cup-shaped rosettes, with tiny, white, funnel shaped flowers.
Claytonia perfoliata Portulacaceae N America Donn ex Willd.
In Claytonia virginica, shading reduced SLW and total biomass (Anderson and Eickmeier 1998).
One of the most amazing greens in our winter garden is claytonia, or miner's lettuce.
Senior Claytonia Tarazi, whom Spoelstra said has worked hard throughout the summer, is the team's clear-cut No.
The polyploid complex in the North American genus Claytonia (Portulacaceae) is structured around three basic numbers (x = 6, 7, and 8), each of which has given rise to separate polyploid lineages, interlineage polyploids, and aneuploids clustering around the ploidy levels (White 1973; Grant 1981).
Winter purslane, which is also known as miner's lettuce or claytonia is, by contrast, slightly succulent, cool and a little bland but mixes well with the spicy vegetables.
Cerastium nutans, Ranunculus abortivus, and Ranunculus hispidus (= Ranunculus septentrionalis) are the only forest-floor herbs that occur well within the zone, but Aralia racemosa, Claytonia cf.
canadensis 2 X X X Claytonia virginica 2 X Comus jlorida 4 X Cryptotaenia canadensis 3 X X X Cystopteris protrusa 4 X X X Dichanthelium clandestinum 3 X Dicentra cucullaria 6 X X Discorea quartemata 5 X Dryopteris marginalis* 8* X* ELAEAGNUS UMBELLATA -- X Elymus hystrix 5 X Enemion bitematum 5 X X Epifagus virginiana* 8* X* Erigenia bulbosa 5 X Erigeron annuus 0 X X Erythronium americanum 5 X EUONYMOUS ALATA -- X Eupatorium perfoliatum 4 X Eupatorium serotinum 0 X X Fagus grandifolia* 8* X* X* X* X* Festuca subverticillata 4 X Fraxinus pennsylvanica var.
A winter annual, claytonia regrows speedily after repeated cuts in winter if protected from serious frost, and then bolts in spring in a cloud of tiny, fragrant white flowers.
Interrupted fern Osmundea claytonia is abundant in wooded areas across much of the range of ostrich fern and likes partial shade on rich, moist to mucky soil.