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see forestryforestry,
the management of forest lands for wood, water, wildlife, forage, and recreation. Because the major economic importance of the forest lies in wood and wood products, forestry has been chiefly concerned with timber management, especially reforestation, maintenance of
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Russ, for maps of clearcut areas and various courtesies that facilitated the work.
When the logging industry says "working forests," it means clearcuts, toxic chemicals and exports of raw logs (and mill jobs).
By the time we'd called our way half-way across the clearcut, we were getting frustrated.
And only time will tell how this David and Goliath tale will unfold; whether treaties can be made to work for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal parties, and whether Joe's grandson will be taking his grandchildren for a stroll through a clearcut or an old-growth forest.
Last year, residents of the small timber town of Weaverville first sounded the alarm in response to an SPI clearcut that was visible from town.
Measurements were conducted with a pair of calibrated instruments: one mounted on a tripod in the nearest clearcut to measure open sky and one carried between overstory plots.
In Alberta, it is permissible to clearcut riparian shorelines around lakes [less than] 4 ha (10 acres) in size which have "no recreational potential" (Alberta Forestry, Lands, and Wildlife.
Each organization creating these pathways must have clearcut guidelines, eg, the degree of clinical complexity, inclusion or exclusion of other disciplines, and required nursing documentation.
The Register-Guard's editorial praises annual logging levels that could only be met if vast amounts of mature and old-growth forests federal public forestlands are clearcut.
The first year of our lease, a nearby clearcut just off the west edge of the property had overgrown in thick brush that provided an excellent bedding area for deer (see Figure 1).
Or more to the point, can a multinational timber company that has probably clearcut more old growth in British Columbia than any other timber company in history reinvent itself as the eco-friendly giant?
The majority of these are slated to be clearcut logged in the next 10 years.