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Clementina, asteroid 252 (the 252nd asteroid to be discovered, on October 11, 1885), is approximately 45 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 5.6 years. Its name, the personification of mercy (clemency), is derived from the Latin clementia. When prominent in a natal chart, this asteroid shows a forgiving person. Its location by sign and house indicates where one forgives or experiences forgiveness.


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He comes in sometimes when I am with Clementina at the piano--he is a widower, you know--and stands there pulling his white goatee.
I know Clementina isn't in good health; she is so nervous.
And I think I did very well to make up both General Pinkney and Clementina, don't you, Joe?
That was Lady Seraphina--Lady Jemima was the first daughter by the second marriage of the fifteenth Earl of Stiltstalking with the Honourable Clementina Toozellem.
Si fece emula de'progressi di Mantova l'Accademia Clementina di Bolonia, e quivi si distinsero colle loro eccellenti produzioni encaustiche i Gini, i Castellari, i Bagliani, i Mazza, i Gargalli, i Gibelli, i Martinelli, ed anche fra le donne Teresa Tesi.
In Kabul, kidnappers of the Italian aid worker, Clementina Cantoni, released a video tape of her to a local TV station, demanding that the Italian authorities speed up negotiations for her release.
FEAR etched on her face and flanked by armed guards, kidnapped aid worker Clementina Cantoni is seen alive for the first time in weeks.
Jamil Khan, head of the crime investigation department in the Interior Ministry, said the kidnappers of Clementina Cantoni, 32, may be seeking the release of gang members arrested recently.
19, 1993, Clementina Chery was a stay-at-home mom raising three children in Boston.
It is telling that Baglione participated in several of the most important commissions in Rome around 1600, the Nave Clementina of San Giovanni in Laterano, the Navi Piccole in St.
Clementina Thomas, program administrator for the national church, said students return from their overseas internships transformed and matured.
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