Clements, Frederic Edward

Clements, Frederic Edward,

1874–1945, American plant ecologist and pioneer in the study of succession (see ecologyecology,
study of the relationships of organisms to their physical environment and to one another. The study of an individual organism or a single species is termed autecology; the study of groups of organisms is called synecology.
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), b. Lincoln, Nebr., grad. Univ. of Nebraska, 1894. From 1917 to 1941 he was in charge of ecological research at Carnegie Institution, Washington. Among his works are Research Methods in Ecology (1905), Plant Succession and Indicators (1928, repr. 1973), Flower Families and Ancestors (1928, with Edith Clements), Plant Ecology (1929, with J. E. Weaver), and The Genera of Fungi (1931, repr. 1965, with C. L. Shear).