Clemson University

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Clemson University,

at Clemson, S.C.; coeducational; land-grant; state supported; opened in 1893 as a college, gained university status in 1964. The university includes programs in textile and computer research, wildlife biology, and aquaculture and maintains research facilities in agriculture and forestry.
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We can test these wind turbines under conditions they might encounter anywhere around the world," explains Randy Collins, associate dean and professor of electrical and computer engineering, Clemson College of Engineering and Science, "and we can do so will a great deal of fidelity.
Adams) Packard, graduated from Holden High School in 1943, and attended both the University of Maine in Orono and Clemson College.
Gantt, a Black student, successfully enrolled in the then all-White Clemson College.
Instead, the Clemson college star is targeting potential prizes further down the line - but first he must prove his class to Roeder.
The pair, who played together at Clemson College will be reunited this season with Babalola tipping the 6ft 2in rookie to be a success in his first professional season.
At Clemson College in South Carolina, Richard graduated in communications and psychology.
For instance, Cohodas quotes the Clemson college yearbook's assessment of the young Thurmond as a "ladies' man of the |first water,' " but she doesn't mention that that reputation, mutatis mutandis, has followed him ever since.
Born in Atlanta, Dickey played football for a semester at Clemson College before enlisting in the Army Air Forces.
Ara was a graduate of Somerville High School and attended Franklin Institute and Clemson College.
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