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Cleopatra's Needles,

name in popular use for two obelisks of red granite from Egypt. Originally erected at Heliopolis (c.1475 B.C.) by Thutmose III, they were transported to Alexandria (c.14 B.C.) under Augustus and in the 19th cent. were sent separately as gifts of Ismail Pasha to England (1878) and the United States (1880). The British obeliskobelisk
, slender four-sided tapering monument, usually hewn of a single great piece of stone, terminating in a pointed or pyramidal top. Among the ancient Egyptians these monoliths were commonly of red granite from Syene and were dedicated to the sun god.
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, 68.5 ft (20.9 m) high, stands on the Thames embankment in London. The American one, 69.5 ft (21.2 m) high, is in Central Park in New York City.
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For these reasons, the Centre for Sustainability (CS) in collaboration with the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) and its other partners, work hand in hand with the indigenous communities of the area to preserve a large portion of the forests of Cleopatra's Needle (35,000 hectares) through the creation of a forest reserve as a "critical habitat.
He also reveals that a time capsule containing pictures of Britain's most attractive women was buried underneath Cleopatra's Needle in 1878.
Much more ink was expended on describing the epic task of carrying the 3350-years-old Egyptian obelisk known as Cleopatra's Needle from the banks of the Nile to the Thames Embankment than on explaining why the obelisk had been carved in the first place (for a while the 186-ton monolith was adrift inside an iron cylinder in the Bay of Biscay, and its rescue was regarded as typical of the sort of deed that won the Empire.
When she encountered the Torres, Lady Frances remarked that these "three tall peaks of a reddish hue" were "in shape exact facsimiles of Cleopatra's needle.
The center of this large forest is shaped by Cleopatra's Needle (1,593 meters above sea level), the highest peak of Puerto Princesa and surroundings.
2 mile course passes by many of London's historical landmarks including famous tea clipper the Cutty Sark, the National Maritime Museum, Tower Bridge, centre, the Tower Of London, Cleopatra's Needle, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.
The Sphinx and Cleopatra's Needle were both damaged by enemy action.
My point being that it's hunky-dory to hurl javelins or bounce backflips but just as wonderful to thread a submarine through Cleopatra's Needle, so to speak.
You enter through ancient Egypt which is magnificently over the top with mock monuments, including a pyramid and Cleopatra's needle, and a biblical epic-style soundtrack.
1878: Cleopatra's Needle, ancient Egyptian obelisk, 68ft of granite, was presented to Britain by the ruler of Egypt and Sudan and erected on the Thames Embankment.
CLEVELAND RETIRED MEN'S ASSOCIATION: Ian Pearce, spoke about Cleopatra's Needle to the association.
Luckily for us, despite being October, it was a beautiful sunny day with hardly a cloud in the sky so the 30 minute flight gave us a pin sharp 360-degree view across London, enabling us to pick out landmarks ranging from the nearby Cleopatra's Needle to CanaryWharf on the horizon.