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symbol for the element chlorinechlorine
[Gr.,=green], gaseous chemical element; symbol Cl; at. no. 17; interval in which at. wt. ranges 35.446–35.457; m.p. −100.98°C;; b.p. −34.6°C;; density 3.2 grams per liter at STP; valence −1, +1, +3, +5, +7.
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center line

A line representing an axis of symmetry; usually shown on drawings as a broken line.




The country code for Chile.
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CLES also has seven centers across Lebanon, where free individual diagnosis and treatment is provided to these children.
o Developing working mechanisms with teachers in schools and with specialists and therapists in the CLES centers through specialized workshops all over Lebanon.
The CLE was evaluated and classified as normal or abnormal.
When abnormal, the CLE was classified as chronic otitis media with cholesteatoma or without cholesteatoma employing the following criteria:
Under-15 girls (3.3 kms): 1, Z Armstrong (Morp) 12.58; 2, K Avery (Shil) 13.05; 3, D Pickavance-Clarke (CleS) 13.20; 4, L Weightman (Morp) 13.20; 5, H Girtig (Blay) 13.53; 6, D Bell (Gate) 14.18; 7, B Curran (Gate) 14.32; 8, E Spoor (Sun) 14.37; 9, S Wood (Dur) 14.43; 10, K Lindsey (J&H) 14.45.
Under-13 girls (2.7 kms): 1, R Ferguson (Gate) 11.34; 2, M Reed (Sun) 11.46; 3, E Hope (Sun) 12.01; 4, K Maws (Sun) 12.07; 5, J Taylor (Gate) 12.07; 6, L Lane (CleS) 12.07; 7, S Loraine (Birt) 12.13; 8, R Oldham (Gate) 12.17; 9, R Williams (Tyne) 12.17; 10, B Thompson (CleS) 12.24.
Unless all lawyers are to take CLEs in all areas of law, we accept that some lawyers will concentrate their practices on areas most interesting to them.
Petrano advocates mandatory CLE in ADA jurisprudence.
Under-15 Girls 3.2km: 1 V Angus (H&P) 12:20; 2 A Bell (CleS) 13:14; 3 L Dodsworth (Gate) 13:15; 4 A Foreman (Birt) 13:52; 5 K Walker (Dur) 14:05; 6 L Macdonald (unatt) 14:10; 7 C Potts (H&P) 14:17; 8 N Ross (H&P) 14:22.
Atwood said planning a series of CLE seminars and is working on opening a Web site.
The woman's clinical findings were most consistent with acute CLE.
The Florida Bar's free mobile app now includes a CLE application and allows members to access the Bar's Master Calendar.