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in Greek mythology, personifications of beauty, charm, and grace; daughters of Zeus and the oceanid Eurynome. Also known as the Charites, they were usually three in number and were called Aglaia, Thalia, and Euphrosyne.
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The lack of police academy training on de-escalation strategies is coupled with limited instruction on handling calls for service involving persons with mental health concerns, as the CLETA found that training curricula devoted only 10 hours on average to topics related to mental illness (Reaves 2016).
El movimiento de CLETA participaba con "esqueches" en huelgas, manifestaciones, mitines y expresiones de oposicion al regimen.
Lo apadrinaron don Pedro Jose Carazo y dona Cleta Ugalde (Sanabria, 1957: 241-242 y AHABAT.
30, 2007) (information available at news.pdf); Cleta Mitchell, Audio Conference in Washington, D.C.: The New Lobbying and Ethics Reform Bill: Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007 (Dec.
Logro su cometido con cinco de sus hijas: caso a Juana Francisca con el influyente sargento mayor Juan de Viana; a Maria Josefa con el asentista de las Reales Salinas Francisco Javier de Aristoarena y Lanz (a la postre conde de Casafiel); a Ana Manuela con el general Jose Joaristi, magnate de las salinas, las minas y el comercio; y a Escolastica con Jose Fernandez y Cleta, ensayador y fundidor balzario.
2) Maria de Guadalupe Marcelina Cleta Luisa Fernandez de Castro y Leon.
Leydens); (5) "Converting Rubric Scores to Letter Grades" (Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory); (6) "Phantom of the Rubric or Scary Stories from the Classroom" (Joan James, Barb Deshler, Cleta Booth, and Jane Wade); (7) "Creating Rubrics through Negotiable Contracting" (Andi Stix); (8) "Designing Scoring Rubrics for Your Classroom" (Craig A.
Cleta Mitchell, a Washington attorney in the firm of Sullivan & Mitchell, P.L.L.C., specializing in election and campaign-finance law.>EN
68 le dejo un basamento del peor sentimentalismo (polvos de frente popular, maoismo de utileria, perpetua orgia liberada, Jim Morrison y el dios Charango, estetica Cleta).
Cleta Hartman, editor, Physicians healed, Dayton, OH, published by One More Soul, 616 Five Oaks Ave., 45406, ph.
Cleta Deatherage Mitchell, Partner, Sullivan & Mitchell, P.L.L.C., Washington, D.C.B.A.
"The idea that we have a permanent governing class is really unhealthy, at whatever level," says Cleta Mitchell, legal counsel for the Term Limits Legal Institute and a former eight-year member of the Oklahoma Legislature.