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industrial city (1990 pop. 71,742), Passaic co., NE N.J., on the Passaic River; settled 1685, set off from Passaic and inc. 1917. It has steel, textile equipment, chemical, plastics, clothing, and electronics industries.



a city in New Jersey, in the northeastern USA. Located west of New York City. Population, 82,400 (1970). Approximately 17,000 persons are employed in industry. Among its industries are metalworking, machine building, chemicals, and knitted wear.

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Stout Elwyn, the Welshman, took third place; one of the private archers, named Geoffrey, come fourth; while Clifton must needs content himself with fifth.
Nathless, a general cry went up, as this was the best shooting Clifton had done that day.
His first shaft flew wide and lodged in the second ring even further away than the worst shot of Clifton.
Yet the total score was adjudged in favor of Clifton.
Catherine was disturbed and out of spirits; but Isabella seemed to find a pool of commerce, in the fate of which she shared, by private partnership with Morland, a very good equivalent for the quiet and country air of an inn at Clifton.
I would say thou hast done what I could not do," said the King, laughing, "for I tell thee there lives not in all the world three archers to match Tepus and Gilbert and Clifton of Buckinghamshire.
And she looked around upon them that stood about; but no one spake or cared to wager upon the Queen's side against such archers as Tepus and Gilbert and Clifton.
To pleasure my Queen I will do it," said Sir Robert Lee, "but for the sake of no other in all the world would I wager a groat, for no man can stand against Tepus and Gilbert and Clifton.
Once again Gilbert had lodged three arrows in the white; Tepus came second with two in the white and one in the black ring next to it; but stout Clifton had gone down and Hubert of Suffolk had taken the third place, for, while both those two good yeomen had lodged two in the white, Clifton had lost one shot upon the fourth ring, and Hubert came in with one in the third.
From Clifton to Culham the river banks are flat, monotonous, and uninteresting, but, after you get through Culhalm Lock - the coldest and deepest lock on the river - the landscape improves.
has been retained by RREEF as exclusive leasing and managing agent for 100,000 SF at Clifton Commons in Clifton, N.
Clifton, a board certified specialist in state and federal criminal law, is a partner with Grace Clifton and Tisdale.