Clinical Death

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Clinical Death


a body state in which the external signs of life (cardiac activity, respiration, functions of the central nervous system) are absent but the metabolic processes in the tissues are maintained.

Clinical death may last for five or six minutes after the cessation of heartbeat and respiration (death from blood loss). Sudden cessation of blood flow (for example, with fibrillation of the cardiac ventricles) prolongs this period to eight or ten minutes, after which the complete restoration of the vital functions is no longer possible.

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Most likely, at the time of clinical death, in time of near-death experience, the person's consciousness already goes to the soul, but then for some reason returns to the epidusha along with the "revitalization" of the body.
Maher Al-Tabaa, director of public relations at the Chamber of Commerce in Gaza, described the economic situation as a "clinical death." "We seek to send a message to all parties - from the factions, the government, international organizations and the international community that we cannot live in Gaza if the situation continues as it is," he told the Arab News.
Aside the demarcation between natural and unnatural death; there is also a distinction between absolute and clinical death. Battista Mondin (1985:264) explains that, clinical death, "...
For a retiree, this is "clinical death," he said, adding that this is the reason why they encourage any initiative or a project that are likely to merge retired men and women again in development motion in the country.
Berri said internal developments and the turmoil in the region have led to the "clinical death" of both the March 8 and March 14 camps.
England's semi-final performance against the well-fancied Black Caps was their best to date, built around the clinical death bowling of Chris Jordan and Ben Stokes, an energetic performance in the field and some brazen strokeplay from the batsmen.
NNA - Following are main Lebanese newspaper headlines on Monday October 14, 2015: An-Nahar: Aoun boycotts a cabinet experiencing "clinical death" ...
Over the course of his 25-year career as an anesthesiologist and intensive care physician, Jean Jacques Charbonier, M.D., gathered hundreds of accounts of patients who returned from clinical death. Across all of these accounts from patients with vastly different backgrounds, Dr.
Al-Bashir: The International Criminal Court is suffering from clinical death.
Experts called this the "clinical death"; when one loses breath and heartbeat, one is dead and simply buriedseems like a mere biological event, a mere disintegration of organic into inorganic matter.
"The father had clinical death. His health condition is critical," businessman's son Chingiz Alkanov told AKIpress.
However, most of human organs or tissues are still active even after clinical death and some of such human organs or tissues may be transplanted to persons in need of such human organs or tissues.

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