Clinical Death

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Clinical Death


a body state in which the external signs of life (cardiac activity, respiration, functions of the central nervous system) are absent but the metabolic processes in the tissues are maintained.

Clinical death may last for five or six minutes after the cessation of heartbeat and respiration (death from blood loss). Sudden cessation of blood flow (for example, with fibrillation of the cardiac ventricles) prolongs this period to eight or ten minutes, after which the complete restoration of the vital functions is no longer possible.

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In the case of clinical death, "the patient is dead when the brain tissue is damaged to such an extent that the vital brain functions have irreversibly stopped, regardless of whether the heart is beating" (Lamb, 1985:53), while in the case of absolute death, ".
The lead author of the study, Dr Jimo Borjigin, said: "A lot of people thought the brain, after clinical death, was inactive or hypoactive, with less activity than the waking state, and we show that is definitely not the case.
It thus expects the war to last for years, thereby excluding the possibility of holding the Geneva 2 conference, about the clinical death of which "medical reports" are issued every now and then, and freeing itself of the burden of negotiating with Putin and pressuring him, because it will be forced to accommodate him on other issues - issues that it might not have decisive answers to.
Washington, Aug 13 ( ANI ): A new study on animals has showed high electrical activity in the brain after clinical death.
To prevent it from going into clinical death, the Romanian healthcare system is in bad need of resuscitation.
Clinically dead Clinical death is the dramatic sign that the heart has, for some reason, stopped beating and won't restart either naturally or by electrical stimulation.
The medical doctrine distinguishes between brain death, clinical death, biological (real) death and apparent death.
The prime headline in al-Hayat al-Jadida quoted Abbas saying the peace process is in "a state of clinical death," and holding Israel fully responsible for that.
The final six days before Englaro's clinical death split Italy, incensed the Vatican and prompted a political crisis in 2009, when prime minister Silvio Berlusconi tried to overrule the country's top judges by issuing a special decree barring doctors from stopping her nutrition, only to have Italian president Giorgio Napolitano refuse to sign it.
The bank accounts of A1 Channel, VREME, SPIC, and KOHA E RE were frozen and these media are in coma, facing clinical death.
Conversely, McMahan (2006) argues that this definition lacks clarity and is fundamentally flawed because loss of integrative unity of the person as a whole is not a tenable reason for equating brain death with clinical death.
Mua'yah Hassanein said that the body of the killed Palestinian was torn into pieces pointing that the injured are in a state of clinical death.

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