Clinical Records

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Clinical Records


the basic medical document compiled for every patient who applies to a medical treatment and prevention center.

The clinical record contains a basic information section (family name, given name, patronymic, age, family status, occupation), information on previous diseases, data on current illness, and the results of examination and treatment. Changes in the patient’s condition and the course of his illness are entered in the clinical record at the polyclinic at each visit, and in the hospital, daily. In the event of the patient’s death, an official report of the pathologicoanatomic autopsy is included. When the patient is discharged or transferred to another medical institution, or in the event of his death, the general conclusions of the attending physician (the epicrisis) is entered. The clinical record ensures continuity in the application of therapeutic and preventive measures by all physicians who observe the patient. When necessary, the clinical record serves as material for legal and forensic inquiry.

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NHS Highland has been reviewing clinical records of patients treated by bogus psychiatrist Zholia Alemi during her time at an Inverness hospital 16 years ago.
According to the CEO, the system is already impacting positively on the operations of the hospital, as leakages have been detected and performance of doctors tracked, while fraud through fake National Health Insurance cards and ensuring improved integrity and management of patient clinical records.
Paine and the earliest surviving clinical records of penicillin therapy.
Raymundo Lo gave his opinion without examining the body of the victim and only based his opinion on clinical records.
She said clinical records indicated that the state was recording an increase in cases of diabetes.
Medical personnel can access a patients records using mobile phones and tablets with minimal hardware cost,' he said, adding that there would be a centralised medical record system so clinical records can be accessed anytime anywhere.
However, review of the clinical records and pathological studies of all three cases by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, did not find a causal link to CWD"
In research published in the February issue of AJPH, a team of exerts reviewed clinical records from Lassa fever cases during the outbreak, looking for factors that were associated with mortality.
A panel of Philippine General Hospital independent experts is currently evaluating the clinical records of these cases.
"We cannot answer that as of now because our experts are still studying the clinical records," Duque explained.
They presented as witnesses the registered nurse who assisted in the delivery of Sonny at her clinic who submitted the clinical records of Sonny, and the brother of Jess who said that Jess was already sterile and could not bear a child, and that he boy named Jess Jr was only an adopted son.

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