Clinton Body Count

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President Bill Clinton was a popular American leader, but was there a darker side to the president as some conspiracists believe?

Clinton Body Count

Some conspiracy theorists say that as many as a hundred unfortunate individuals paid a tragic price for getting on the wrong side of the Clinton administration.

Some conspiracy theorists and Clinton watchers have set the body count of those who somehow irritated the administration of William Jefferson Clinton and paid the ultimate price from perhaps eighty-five to more than a hundred. As with all of the body counts or death lists that we include in this encyclopedia of conspiracies and secret societies, we add our disclaimer that many of the individuals that we find on such lists may have been elderly, suffered from long-term illnesses, were killed in the line of duty, met their demise in accidents totally devoid of nefarious circumstances, or committed suicide of their own free, albeit troubled, will. Conspiracy researchers remind us that the CIA and other secret government agencies have developed means of making murders appear to be deaths due to natural causes or accident. Some of these methods are designed to be able to avoid detection in autopsies and postmortem examinations. Various insidious techniques involve the injection of cancer cells, heart attack inducements, and absorption of deadly, untraceable poison. There are some deaths on these lists that do seem quite suspicious, and that is why we include them for your own assessment.

Among those associates, friends, or foes of Bill Clinton who met what many investigators believe to have been a “convenient” or “highly coincidental” death are the following:

Susan Coleman, February 15, 1977: Susan Coleman allegedly had an affair with Clinton when he was a law professor in Arkansas. Her death from a gunshot wound to the back of the head was ruled a suicide. No autopsy was performed, and persistent rumors maintain that Coleman was nearly eight months pregnant with Clinton’s child.

Paul Tully, September 24, 1992: Tully, Democratic National Committee political director, was found dead in a hotel room in Little Rock, Arkansas, of unknown causes.

Paula Gober, December 9, 1992: Gober was Clinton’s speech interpreter for the deaf, and she traveled extensively with him until her death. She was killed in a one-car accident with no known witnesses.

John Wilson, May 18, 1993: Former Washington, D.C., council member John Wilson claimed to have important information on the Whitewater scandal. He was found dead from suicide by hanging.

Paul Wilcher, June 22, 1993: At the time of his death, Wilcher, an attorney, was investigating drug smuggling and gunrunning out of Arkansas and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms assault on the Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas. Wilcher was found dead on a toilet seat in his Washington, D.C., apartment.

Vincent Foster, July 21, 1993: Foster, White House counsel and Hillary Clinton’s longtime friend, was found dead in a public park of a supposed suicide by gunshot.

Jon Parnell Walker, August 15, 1993: A Whitewater investigator for Resolution Trust Corporation, Walker mysteriously fell to his death from an apartment balcony.

Jerry Luther Parks, September 26, 1993: Parks, head of Clinton’s gubernatorial security team in Little Rock, was shot three times in his car at a deserted intersection.

Ed Willey, November 1993: A Clinton fund raiser, Ed Willey was the husband of Kathleen Willey, who claimed to have been groped by Clinton in the Oval Office. Willey was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head in the woods near his Virginia home. His death was ruled a suicide.

Gandy Baugh, January 8, 1994: Baugh represented Clinton’s pal Dan Lasater, a convicted drug distributor, in a case concerning financial misconduct. Baugh allegedly committed suicide.

Herschel Friday, March 1, 1994: Attorney and Clinton fund-raiser Herschel Friday, seventy-three, died when he was landing his plane on a poorly lighted airfield. According to various accounts, the plane suddenly crashed and exploded.

Kathy Ferguson, May 1994: The ex-wife of Arkansas state trooper Danny Ferguson, who is said to have escorted Paula Corbin Jones to the hotel room for her alleged sexual harassment by then-governor Clinton, Kathy Ferguson died of an alleged gunshot suicide in her living room.

Bill Shelton, June 1994: Bill Shelton, an Arkansas police officer and fiancé of Kathy Ferguson, was found dead of a gunshot wound at Kathy’s gravesite. His death was ruled a suicide, supposedly brought on by grief over his fiancée’s taking her own life. Fellow officers reported that Shelton was extremely dissatisfied over the manner in which Kathy’s death was investigated.

Barbara Wise, January 29, 1996: Barbara Wise, a Commerce Department staff member, was found dead, partially nude, in her locked office at the Department of Commerce.

Ron Brown, April 3, 1996: Ron Brown, Clinton’s secretary of commerce and former Democratic National Committee chairman, died with thirty-four other people in an airplane crash in the Croatian mountains. A pathologist reported finding a hole resembling a bullet wound in the top of Brown’s skull.

Charles Meissner, April 3, 1996: Assistant Secretary of Commerce for International Economic Policy Meissner died in the same plane crash as Ron Brown.

Mary Mahoney, July 1997: A former White House intern working as an assistant manager at a Georgetown Starbucks, Mahoney was shot five times with bullets from two different guns. Her two co-workers were taken to a back room and killed.

Sandy Hume, February 22, 1998: Sandy Hume, twenty-eight, son of the well-known journalist Brit Hume, was found dead in his Arlington, Virginia, apartment, an apparent suicide. He had just joined the staff of Fox TV news and had been a reporter for The Hill magazine.

James McDougal, March 8, 1998: President Clinton’s convicted Whitewater partner died of an apparent heart attack while in solitary confinement, serving a three-year sentence for bank fraud.

Christine M. Mirzayan, August 1, 1998: A Clinton intern who was about to go public with her story of sexual harassment at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Christine M. Mirzayan was shot dead as she entered a Georgetown Starbucks.

Eric Fox, March 1999: Fox, who had served on Air Force One, was discovered shot in the head after his car swerved off the road. His death was ruled an apparent suicide.

And one who got away.

Gary Johnson, June 26, 1992: An attorney who lived next door to Clinton paramour Gennifer Flowers, Gary Johnson had security videotapes of Clinton entering and leaving Flowers’s apartment. Johnson was beaten and the incriminating tapes were taken from his apartment. Left for dead from a beating so severe that his spleen had to be removed, Johnson survived.

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