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EoACAoInstall a setback or clock thermostat that automatically switches your air conditioner to a higher cooling setting while you are away.
Installing a digital clock thermostat on an electric furnace or heat pump costs about $100, Stuart said.
If you don't want to mess with a digital program, you can buy an old-style clock thermostat, with easy-to-adjust plastic pins.
2 Program a clock thermostat for automatic energy savings.
Install a clock thermostat, programmed to keep the temperature automatically set at 68 degrees or cooler when the house is occupied and, health permitting, 55 degrees or off at night and when not at home.
Use a clock thermostat or timer to set temperatures automatically for the times you are home.
Install a clock thermostat which automatically changes settings.
Install a clock thermostat to automatically change settings.
Elizabethtown Gas also sells clock thermostats and high efficiency water heaters.