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Irregular, alternating muscular contractions and relaxations.



rhythmic contractions, in rapid succession, of single muscles or muscle groups. Clonus may be either spontaneous or provoked by external stimulation.

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There were no significant differences in latencies to the onset of myoclonic and clonic seizures and the percentage of the animals showing tonic seizure and death between the water and olive oil groups.
The second case presents a 43 year-old man that was monitored in our clinic for epilepsy with generalized tonic clonic seizures.
Under the generalized epilepsy, generalized tonic clonic seizures are the commonest.
Remember, most tonic clonic seizures are brief, though they seem to last forever.
The callosotomy show better result in control of seizures (Control of generalized tonic clonic seizures rate of 79.
In the literature, three patients who had recurrent seizures after oral ingestion of 41 mg/kg, 59 mg/kg and 68 mg/kg respectively and patients who had generalized tonic clonic seizures after oral ingestion of 1-1,5 teaspoon (1 000-1 500 mg) have been reported (8).
Because the plant extract could affect on generalized tonic and clonic seizures induced by picrotoxin (because significant effects and the possibility of involvement of GABA-A receptors in the anticonvulsant effects of poppy seed extract exists [2, 10, 19].
Mean age at the onset of myoclonic jerks (MJ) and generalized tonic clonic seizures (GTCS) was 13.
Most of these children (11) had co-morbid epilepsy: generalized tonic clonic seizures (5); myoclonic seizure (2); electrical status epilepticus of sleep (1); and atypical absence (1).
Other types of convulsive generalized seizures include clonic seizures involving rhythmic jerking of extremities without a preceding tonic phase, and tonic seizures involving full body rigidity (Yamamoto et al.
Other types of generalized seizures are: tonic seizures which involve muscie rigidity but are not followed by a clonic phase; clonic seizures which involve violent rhythmic contractions but is not preceded by tonic phase; myoclonic seizures in which a person has brief involuntary jerking of the torso or extremities; and atonic seizures in which the skeletal muscles lose all tone causing the person to suddenly drop to the floor.
But in fact these convulsive or tonic clonic seizures as they are known, are only one of around 40 different types of epileptic seizure.