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Irregular, alternating muscular contractions and relaxations.
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rhythmic contractions, in rapid succession, of single muscles or muscle groups. Clonus may be either spontaneous or provoked by external stimulation.

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S is found to have muscle rigidity in addition to ocular clonus and a temperature >38[degrees]C (100.4[degrees]F).
Changes in ankle clonus (left figures) and voluntary muscle power in pretibial muscles (right figures) before (A) and after (B, C) nerve block to motor points of the medial and lateral gastrocnemius muscles are shown.
His muscle strength was MRC 3-4/5 in the lower extremities, he had spastic walking, his deep tendon reflexes were hyperactive and ankle clonus was bilaterally positive.
The average duration of THLF, THLE, clonus, and stupor along with the percentages of inhibition of convulsions is presented in Table 1.
It is necessary to establish the cause, the degree and distrubution of spasticity; localization of injury; comorbidity (contractures, cognitive decline ...); clinical course of the disease; cognitive status of the patient; potential adverse effects; support of the family and community; passive mobility, presence of clonus, reflexes, tonus estimation and active mobility; electromyoneurography; quantitative analysis of walking; spasticity estimation using the Ashworth scale, spasm scale, Wartenberg pendulum test, and Tardieu scale [5, 6].
[9] Then after strict antiseptic and aseptic precautions, 2 mL of 2% lignocaine was given over the marked areas and after about 5 mins any reduction of spasticity and clonus were checked.
She could perform ten toe pushups bilaterally, plantar responses were downgoing and there was no evidence of ankle clonus. All myelopathic lesion tests were unremarkable when performed throughout the lower extremities bilaterally.
Ankle clonus and patellar clonus were positive bilaterally as was the Babinski sign.
In moderate withdrawal, fever, tachycardia, spontaneous clonus, and painful muscle spasms also occur.
Neurological examination revealed generalized hyperreflexia, bilateral ankle clonus, lead-pipe rigidity in all four limbs, and dilated but equal pupils.
La aplicacion de las pruebas de Hoffman, Babinski (18, 19) y clonus de tobillo, permitieron descartar compromiso de la neurona motora superior (20).