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expression of shared feelings and attitudes through more or less formally ordered actions of an essentially symbolic nature performed on appropriate occasions. A ceremony involves stereotyped bodily movements, often in relation to objects possessing symbolic meaning. For example, people bow or genuflect, tip hats, present arms, slaughter cattle, salute flags, and perform a myriad of other actions. Ceremonies express, perpetuate, and transmit elements of the value and sentiment system and aim at preserving such values and sentiments from doubt and opposition; moreover, they intensify the solidarity of the participants. Ceremonies are found in all societies.

What does it mean when you dream about a ceremony?

Ceremonies can be simple celebrations, but often they mark an important transition in life, such as a graduation ceremony or a marriage ceremony. In the dream, ceremonies can represent that one has acquired new skills or moved into a new phase of one’s life.

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Furthermore, Scotland will formally hand over the flag to the Gold Coast, which will host the 2018 Commonwealth Games, in the closing ceremony.
It also discussed the media plan for the closing ceremony, which includes the Press, radio and television coverage, in addition to the preparation to issue a booklet on the research studies conducted by participants in the award.
One of the segments from the closing ceremony of this year's Stockton International Riverside Festival
Janahi added that there will be many events associated with the closing ceremony of the award, including the photo gallery that will be showcasing the youth projects and special TV programme in addition to various programmes and events.
The closing ceremony for the campaign is the first of its kind, where 12 winners will get the Mini Coopers all at the same time at 2 pm at 360 Mall.
bar] EXTRAVAGANZA: A scene from last night's Paralympic Games closing Ceremony at the Olympic Stadium, London
Summary: The Paralympic Games closing ceremony will bring the curtain down on an extraordinary sporting summer tonight.
Paralympic Games 2012 Closing Ceremony (Channel 4, tonight, 7pm)[bar] While it could be said that the Olympics began with a bang and ended with a whimper, with its closing ceremony not quite living up to the very high expectations afforded by a magnificent opening ceremony and astonishing Games, hopes are high that its Paralympics counterpart will suffer no such criticism.
WE'VE teamed up with BT to offer you a once in-a-lifetime chance to attend the London 2012 Paralympics closing ceremony at the Olympic Stadium this Sunday evening, September 9, 2012.
MERSEYSIDE ballet dancers who performed in the Olympic Games closing ceremony have been inspired to start their own ballet company.
GIRLS Aloud have been inspired by the Spice Girls' performance at the Olympics closing ceremony and are planning "something special" to mark their tenth anniversary.
SHOWBIZ: CHERYL Cole's band Girls Aloud have been inspired by the Spice Girls' performance at the Olympics closing ceremony, it was reported today.