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Prof Brian Duerden, medical director of the Public Health Laboratory Service in Glasgow, said: 'Clostridium novyi Type A is well known as a cause of severe infection in domestic animals but rarely does so in humans.
In 2000 eight users died when heroin contaminated with clostridium novyi was in circulation in Dublin.
Update: Clostridium novyi and unexplained illness among injecting-drag user--Scotland, Ireland, and England, April-June 2000.
In June, drug users were warned about heroin poisoned with clostridium novyi bacteria.
Mr McElvanney, of Possilpark, Glasgow, was giving evidence on the second day of the probe into the deaths of the addicts who all died after injecting heroin contaminated with the clostridium novyi bug.
Instead they were faced with the vicious bug, clostridium novyi, which had got into heroin used by the addicts in Glasgow during its manufacture in Afghanistan.

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