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The selection process that tends to accumulate favorably interacting genes in the gene pool of a population.
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the morphological and functional adaptation of organs to each other during the course of evolution; a form of correlation.

Coadaptation proceeds, using genetic changes, through natural selection of the most successful structural and functional organic interrelationships, at the same time assuring the adaptation of the organism as a whole to new life conditions.

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Szasz's co-adaptation (with Erzsebet Racz and Gideon Lester) is so far-reaching that it's really as much a personal response to Brecht's play as it is a version of it.
have been modified, so as to acquire that perfection of structure and co-adaptation which most justly excites our admiration." Moreover, he argues that "evolution charts the emergence of new values in the rise of higher organisms ...
Original screenplay story and co-adaptation, Caroline Thompson.
Theorizing literature as a form of communicative interaction whose "co-adaptations between the social and the individual do actually change a human life-world" and which sees "the world as humanly meaningful, [thereby] potentially forging a powerful bond between people of widely differing backgrounds and experience" (p.