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What does it mean when you dream about an inventor?

We can dream about an inventor, or about being an inventor, when we are trying to figure out something. Otherwise, an inventor can simply represent our own creativity.

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Ma and Saleh Masoodian received their PhDs in electrical and electronics engineering from Thayer and are co-inventors of the QIS with Fossum.
No one had ever successfully formulated PVC for additive manufacturing, so that was where we originally set our R&D sights," said 3DVinyi co-inventor Greg Harrison.
"It just bounces back like a kitchen sponge," said co-inventor Seth Darling, a scientist at the Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago.
Paula Calabrese, co-founder, senior vice president and chief strategy officer of Accordant and co-inventor of ReEngineered Feedstock, said, 'We appreciate the recognition of the progress we have made in bringing this disruptive technology to market.
Senior author and researcher Amit Naskar, along with co-inventor Chau Tran, have filed a patent application for the process to create the new material.
"This is the first commercial batch brewing technology to come to market since filter drip was first introduced in 1954," said Voga Coffee co-founder and Ground Control co-inventor Eli Salomon.
Garel, a researcher and professor of innovation management in France, and Mock, co-inventor of the Swatch watch and founder of an innovation company (Creaholic) in Switzerland, describe how to make breakthrough innovation happen and structure a company around it, creating an oinnovation factory.o They describe the use of C-K (concept-knowledge) theory as a method for designing new objects and relate the innovation story of the Swatch watch and the founding of Creaholic to discuss the framework of breakthrough design, the innovation process, the molecular metaphor of innovation, and the function and management of a breakthrough innovation company.
He started as an applications chemist in 1978, and held positions in R&D, QA, sales and marketing before moving into general management in 1989, Gallagher is co-inventor on seven patents held by Croda that all resulted in successful commercial products, and has been a leader in fostering innovation at Croda.
In its 29-page Memorandum Opinion, the District Court ruled that a third-party scientist is a co-owner and co-inventor of the patents-in-suit.
He is the co-inventor of Computer Aided Call Handling and Incident Linked Multimedia and holds several US patents.
He visited Emmett Leith (co-inventor of off-axis holography), whose lab was just across town and saw his first holograms there.