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a military or political union or alliance.

(1) A temporary military-political alliance of two or several states, concluded for combined operations against some other state or group of states (for example, the anti-Hitler coalition).

(2) An agreement between two or several political parties. A coalition is most frequently established so that a government can be formed with a parliamentary majority of the parties (a coalition government). In bourgeois states with a multiparty system, the coalition is widely used if none of the parties has a majority in parliament.

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The military operation against the terrorist militias was based on confirmed field intelligence that the militias prepared to target the coalition forces - a development which required a preemptive operation to avert any military threat.
-Ariana: 54 lists; 25 party lists, 22 independent and 7 coalition.
Makinde, through his Special Adviser on Strategy and Political Matters, Babatunde Oduyoye, particularly chided Lanlehin for accusing him of noncompliance to the terms of the coalition.
The coalitions received a graduation certificate for completing CADCA's National Coalition Academy, a rigorous training program designed to increase the effectiveness of community drug prevention leaders.
SNS is outragedAfter the meeting, SNS said it demanded an instant personnel change at the helm of the foreign affairs committee, as the committees Wednesday, August 8 session was convened without prior consultation with the coalition partners.The proposal to take the parliamentary foreign committee's stance, which refuses the legitimisation of the occupation and annexation of Crimea by the visit of Slovak constitutional officials was allegedly not made after an agreement with coalition partners, and the due meeting was summoned without this agreement, while also exceeding the framework of factual authority of the committee, SNS opined, as quoted by Sme.
"When a faction joins the coalition, the coalition is not disbanded.
The small cells in the same coalition will adopt time sharing to carry out cooperative transmission.
JEDDAH: Coalition accident evaluation team spokesperson Mohammad Al-Mansour reiterated the Arab coalition's full commitment not to target civilians during its military operations in Yemen, which aim to support the legitimate government of the country.
While many advantages exist for multinational and coalition operations, these operations gather diverse entities whose national interests, military capabilities, definitions of success, and risk tolerance may differ.
Failure to identify when multiple joints are involved in tarsal coalition can result in persistent symptoms and failure of operative management.
The coalition draws together the Gulf States, Egypt, and Turkey to fight terrorism and will be based in Riyadh "to coordinate and support military operations to fight terrorism".

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