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We had various meeting throughout the summer and UK Music were very interested in the concept of Velvet Coalmine and what we were trying to achieve," he said.
Black: Shanyin is a typical resource-based county, and the coalmine industry accounts for more than 80 percent of the local economy.
Mining leads to severe and extensive deterioration of the environment and thereby resulting in an adverse and hazardous impacts on the health of the people-both workers of coalmines as well as the people residing near the coalmine areas.
A spokesman for Abramovich denied his company Millhouse planned to buy the coalmine.
capturing coalmine methane for power generation at the Sihe coalmine, Jincheng City, Shanxi province, north-western China.
BHP Billiton is building a $13 million electricity plant near Appin, NSW, that will burn waste coalmine gas from its West Cliff operation, normally vented into the atmosphere.
Of all industrial monuments in the Ruhr, the most spectacular is the Zollverein XII coalmine which closed down in 1986 leaving an extraordinary landscape drawn from Metropolis, in which vast brooding edifices of plum-coloured brick here and there surmounted by winding gear, rise above newly grown forest.
VELVET Coalmine has announced the line-up of films hand-picked by Manic Street Preacher Nicky Wire and Bafta-winning director Kieran Evans to be screened at the music and arts festival which takes place in Blackwood next week.
A FILM festival curated by Baftawinning film-maker Kieran Evans and Manic Street Preachers' Nicky Wire will be one of the centre-pieces of this summer's Velvet Coalmine Festival.
The Jharkhand-based Chasnalla underground coking coalmine of SAIL has already deployed Polish technology.
One of the deadliest incidents took place last year, when 30 miners were killed after a coalmine in Ruyi Du Ab district of northern Samangan province caved in.
ORAKZAI AGENCY -- At least two labourers were killed and four others were injured Wednesday when an explosion occurred in a coalmine in Orakzai Agency.