Coast Mountains

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Coast Mountains,

range, W British Columbia and SE Alaska, extending c.1,000 mi (1,610 km) parallel to the Pacific coast, from the mountains of Alaska near the Yukon border to the Cascade Range near the Fraser River. Mt. Waddington (13,260 ft/4,042 m) is the highest peak. The geologically complex range, composed mainly of metamorphic rocks, slopes steeply to the Pacific Ocean, where the shoreline is deeply indented by fjords. The Coast Mts. have been heavily eroded by mountain glaciers; numerous rivers, including the Fraser, the Skeena, and the Stikine, have cut deep gorges across the range. The average annual precipitation of c.90 in. (230 cm) makes the region one of the wettest parts of Canada. Its slopes are heavily forested, and lumbering is important. In the Coast Mts. is Kemano, one of Canada's largest hydroelectric plants. The Coast Mts. are sometimes confused with the geologically distinct Coast RangesCoast Ranges,
series of mountain ranges along the Pacific coast of North America, extending from SE Alaska to Baja California; from 2,000 to 20,000 ft (610–6,100 m) high. The ranges include the St. Elias Mts.
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We are using a multi-proxy approach to reconstruct past precipitation and temperature in Garibaldi Provincial Park in the southern Coast Mountains north of Vancouver over the past several millennia.
* Don't Waste Your Time in the Coast Mountains by Kathy and Craig Copeland (Voice in the Wilderness Press, 1997).
In the Chilcotin, a Switzerland-size plateau on the dry, inland side of the Coast Mountains, forests of Engelmann spruce, Douglas fir, and lodgepole pine are systematically mowed down.
Harrison Lake and Coast Mountains in Fraser Valley, Canada SEASIDE PARADISE...
Located on the Burrard peninsula and boasting Canada's mildest climate, Vancouver is cocooned by the Pacific Ocean, the magnificent coast mountains and the lush, green farmlands of the Fraser Valley.
The water supply for the Greater Vancouver (British Columbia) Water District (GVWD) is normally of high quality, being obtained from three surface water impoundments in the Coast Mountains immediately north of the city.
Whistler is located in the spectacular Coast Mountains of British Columbia just two hour drive away from Vancouver.
In which country would you find the Coast Mountains? 3.
The Palisades was right up there at the top end, with a refreshing, bright feel about it and amazing views from its balconies out over the Coast Mountains.
Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountains, with its own Grouse Mountain dominating the skyline, Vancouver is funky, brassy, sassy and very, very sophisticated.