Coastal Conservation Association

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Coastal Conservation Association (CCA)

Address:6919 Portwest Dr, Suite 100
Houston, TX 77024

Established: 1977. Description:Dedicated to the conservation and preservation of marine resources and to preventing the depletion and destruction of coastal waters. Members include recreational saltwater anglers and other outdoor sports enthusiasts who seek to address coastal conservation issues at the state and national level. Members: 90,000. Dues: $25/year ($10/year for members under age 17).
Publications: Tide (bimonthly); free to members. Change of Tides; $45; The Rising Tide (quarterly); free to youth members.

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The South Valley Chapter of Coastal Conservation Association is having its monthly meeting Thursday at Roaring Rapids Pizza in Glenwood.
The news of the permit caused an uproar among recreational anglers and advocacy groups including Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) and The Billfish Foundation (TBF), headquartered in Fort Lauderdale.
The Coastal Conservation Association is meeting at Roaring Rapids Pizza in Springfield at 7 p.m.
Florida STAR is the only one of the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) events that uses a mobile app to log catches.
The Emerald Empire Coastal Conservation Association chapter is holding its annual banquet fundraiser on June 16 at the Eugene Eagle Aerie located at 1375 Irving Road.
He also partners with Coastal Conservation Association: "Anything they ask from me, I'll pretty much do for them.
Coastal Conservation Association: The non-profit, fresh water conservation and management group will hold its annual banquet at 4:30 p.m.
We especially commend the Coastal Conservation Association, the American Sportfishing Association and the many individual anglers who have fought for better fisheries management.
Coastal Conservation Association: The Emerald Empire Chapter will have its general membership meeting at 7 p.m.
We commend organizations such as the Coastal Conservation Association and American Sportfishing Association, as well as some legislators who are belatedly starting to understand the allocation misjudgments of the past.
Coastal Conservation Association: General meeting at the Eagles Aeries, off Northwest Expressway in Eugene, 7-9 p.m.

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