Coast Artillery

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Coast Artillery


a form of maritime artillery set up on a coast. Its purpose is to do combat with hostile surface vessels in the coastal zone; it may also be used to destroy land targets. Coast artillery developed considerably in the middle of the 19th century with the appearance of armored ships; its armament began to include naval guns. In the navy of the USSR, coast artillery is equipped with radar and fire-control devices. The main fire subunit is the artillery battery, which is armed with heavy-, medium-, and small-caliber artillery mounts. Coast artillery includes fixed (turret-housed and shield-protected) and mobile batteries. Turreted batteries (heavy-caliber guns) are set up in armored turrets; shield batteries (medium- and small-caliber artillery mounts) are set up on open sites and have armored shields that protect personnel and gun mechanisms from strikes by shell fragments. Mobile batteries may have guns mounted on special railroad flatcars (very-heavy-caliber guns) or may be on mechanical traction.


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These squadrons included fighter, army co-operation, bomber, flying boat, torpedo bomber, general purpose, bomber reconnaissance, communications, seaplane, coastal artillery co-operation, composite, ferry, transport, heavy transport, etc.
Seven years ago, the remains of the former Coastal Artillery School were protected by the historic buildings and ancient monuments body Cadw.
Work has started on cleaning, repainting and repairing the Second World War coastal artillery gun at Tynemouth Castle and Priory.
The coastal artillery was disabled nearly 20 years ago, the Daily Star (http://www.
Contract awarded for Nam-myeon~~s coastal artillery in pavement construction
It said the vessel was shelled by coastal artillery on Sunday when it was 13 nautical miles off Tobruk and that it then came under air attack twice.
The military also fired a Spike missile, which is capable of precisely striking Pyongyang's coastal artillery pieces.
John Crewsdon was an instructor at the Coastal Artillery School during the war and recalls training hundreds of soldiers to fire guns on the Great Orme for the new Marine Drive Audio Trail.
This reportedly serves as a base for China's reclamation efforts and already boasts an eight-square-kilometer artificial structure with a wharf, helipad, coastal artillery, and garrisoned marines.
North Korea has apparently redeployed semi-submersible vessels along its de facto maritime border with South Korea and is priming coastal artillery for a major military drill, a Seoul daily reported Monday.
The rusting wreckage of coastal artillery pieces and downed aircraft also dot the islands, and bomb craters several meters deep scar heavily hit zones.
The coastal artillery also took part in the military exercises against vessels offshore, while the Syrian frogmen commandos and other forces performed marine landing and airdrop to storm and free any given site from enemies.

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