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Germany: see KoblenzKoblenz
, Eng. Coblenz, city (1994 pop. 109,810), Rhineland-Palatinate, W Germany, at the confluence of the Rhine and the Moselle (Ger. Mosel ) rivers.
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, Coblenz
a city in W central Germany, in the Rhineland-Palatinate at the confluence of the Rivers Moselle and Rhine: ruled by the archbishop-electors of Trier from 1018 until occupied by the French in 1794; passed to Prussia in 1815, becoming capital of the Rhine Province (1824--1945) and of the Rhineland-Palatinate (1946--50); wine trade centre. Pop.: 107 608 (2003 est.)
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force, the headquarters for the Third Army was established in Coblenz, using the large German government building complex on the west bank of the Rhine.
The executive from Universal who was there said, 'It is previewing better than Jaws,'" Coblenz remembers.
Mallory's father, military man John Kane (Bill Paxton), inspires her to exact a brutal and bloody revenge but there are powerful men working against his daughter including the well-connected Coblenz (Michael Douglas).
Carona is the star of the show, with decent support from Fassbender, and McGregor as Mallory's handler Kenneth who's clearly out of his depth when it comes to the physical stuff, while Banderas plays the oily Rodrigo who sends her to Dublin and Douglas the powerful figurehead Coblenz.
They are sent on black ops missions by US government executive Coblenz (Michael Douglas), one of which involves her rescuing a Chinese journalist held hostage by terrorists in Barcelona, along with colleagues Antonio Banderas and Channing Tatum.
The book draws on documents from the German Museum in Munich, the German Technical Museum in Berlin, and the Federal Archives in Freiburg and Coblenz.
May 12: Heavy night attacks on Cologne, Coblenz and Mannheim.
Since the American zone was sandwiched between the British zone, to the north and the French zone to the south, most of the commissions were either headquartered or maintained offices in Coblenz.
that her family are nationalist German immigrants from Coblenz and
It is attributable neither to the rights of man, nor to the plotting of the Coblenz emigres, nor even to the Jacobin utopia of virtue.
His research in the federal German archives in Coblenz culminated in The Third Reich: A New History, rightly praised as a major achievement.
It is valuable as an exposition, and as an innovation: George appears as a generous host and a pleasant guest; some of his interlocutors, particularly Hofmannsthal, and George's foremost female friend, Ida Coblenz, appear as stubborn or aggressive; George's theatre projects are given well-deserved prominence.