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Griffiths' research revealed that of the 25 subjects studied, 8 percent did detect a flavor difference when tasting beverages that contained caffeine concentration similar to that of the two most popular brands of cola soft drinks (Coca-Cola Classic and Pepsi).
Popular interest in recovering tradition is obvious in everything from ballparks to Coca-Cola Classic
Coca-Cola Classic was the top-spending brand at $58.2 million, a decrease of 13.8%, while new brand Pepsi One forged into second place, spending more than $46 million.
"We're putting ice-cold Coca-Cola classic and our ocher brands within reach, wherever you look: at the supermarket, the video store, the soccer field, the gas station--everywhere," says Coca-Cola's 1997 annual report.
Coca-Cola Classic and Pepsi-Cola had moderate growth of 2.5% and 0.5%, respectively.
Paul Gascoigne last night revealed how Rangers went to WAR to clinch yesterday's Coca-Cola classic.
Standard Coke drinkers were so outraged by the company's move they demanded a return of their product, and Coca-Cola Classic was born.
Original Pepsi and Coca-Cola Classic will keep the same amount of sugar as before and will therefore attract the levy.
"The truck tour is a one-off, annual event where we offer people a choice of 150ml samples of Coca-Cola Classic, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar or Diet Coke - so two of the three options are no-sugar drinks.
At each stop, visitors can explore a special winter wonderland and they'll be given a 150ml can of Coca-Cola Classic, Coca-Cola Zero or Diet Coke.