Cocoa Butter

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cocoa butter

[′kō‚kō ‚bəd·ər]
A brown fat obtained from cacao seeds; melts at 30-35°C; used in the manufacture of chocolate, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Also known as cacao butter; oleum theobromatis; theobroma oil.
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Cocoa Butter


a fatty pale yellow oil with a weak aromatic smell of cocoa; obtained from the beans of the cacao tree. The beans contain up to 50 percent cocoa butter. Cocoa butter contains tristearine and thus has a solid consistency at room temperature. It melts at a temperature of 30°-34°C. Cocoa butter is used in the confectionery industry as well as in the preparation of medicinal suppositories, ointments, and lipstick. Cocoa butter may be replaced by mixtures of hydrogenated fats.

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