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Posterior tympanotomy is commonly performed through the facial recess to facilitate cochlear implantation.
Conservation of low-frequency hearing in cochlear implantation.
Studies examining the effect of cochlear implantation on hypernasality of speech have been limited to adults.
The Nucleus 3 system is a state-of-the-art family of products launched this year, which marks the 20th anniversary of the first commercial cochlear implantation.
6) If this should fail, the patient becomes a candidate for cochlear implantation.
Because of the profound sensorineural hearing loss in this ear, she is being considered for cochlear implantation.
In view of the demanding instruction and training requirements associated with cochlear implantation, patients with cognitive impairments have typically been considered to be poor candidates for this procedure.
Both patients were being evaluated as part of a preoperative assessment of cochlear implantation.
Speech perception after multichannel cochlear implantation in Finnish-speaking postlingually deafened adults.
Spoken language development in children following cochlear implantation.
M Umer Farooq said Cochlear implantation is performed only after strict criterion of selection.
However, cochlear implantation is still the biggest segment in the hearing implants market.