Jacqueline Cochran

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Jacqueline Cochran
BirthplaceMuscogee, Florida
aviator, test pilot, spokesperson, and businessperson

Cochran, Jacqueline

(1910–80) aviator; born in Pensacola, Fla. An orphan, her first career was as an owner of a profitable cosmetics company. Receiving her pilot's license in 1932, she was the first woman to fly in the Bendix transcontinental race three years later. She won the Bendix Trophy in 1938. The first woman to pilot a bomber across the Atlantic in World War II, she directed the Women's Air Force Service Pilots. In 1953 she became the first woman to fly faster than sound; in 1964 she flew faster than twice the speed of sound. At her death she held more flight records than any other pilot.
The Cambridge Dictionary of American Biography, by John S. Bowman. Copyright © Cambridge University Press 1995. Reproduced with permission.
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Cochran, in the manner of Foucault, suggests that these are all cultural constructs, and he believes that there are similarly key assumptions and preconceived notions behind the whole idea of secular modernity, notions he calls "figures of thought." One of his theses is that the multiplicity of media at the end of the twentieth century (and the dominance of the image) involve new ways of transcribing human thought for posterity and alters our understandings of historical continuity.
Cochran says BellSouth now meets 93 percent of the company's needs.
What differentiates FreightWise from other logistics service providers (LSPs) is that it owns all of its intellectual property in-house -- "we're a code-based shop," in the words of chief executive officer Chris Cochran.
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Todd Cochran's Eternity and Hope for horn and string quartet is a moving and cinematic work.
After the service, Mrs Cochran, accompanied by the minister, greeted the congregation at the church door before refreshments were served.
Jacqueline Cochran was a phenomenal aviator: the leading female aviation pioneer of the golden age of flight (1920s-1930s) and into World War II.
Ganze's house and once in a friend's house," Cochran's lawyer, Robert M.