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What does it mean when you dream about cockroaches?

These insects are associated with food and also with uncleanliness. Dreaming about them may indicate that the nourishment or “food for thought” or the “soul food” that is being ingested in the dream is contaminated with hidden or undesirable motives. Information or reassessment of immediate issues in the dreamer’s life may be indicated.

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Cockroaches usually make people feel squeamish and repulsed. When dreaming about these dreaded insects, the unconscious mind may be hinting to the dreamer that he needs to reevaluate and reassess a major part of his life. There is never just one roach; thus, the areas of life that need cleansing and renewal may be deep and wide. The negativity or contamination that is represented by the roaches may affect a great deal of your life. Thus, this may be a call to clean your psychological, emotional, and spiritual self. (Also, examine your motives!) On a less dramatic note, cockroaches in our dreams may be associated with food and a lack of cleanliness, so don’t leave the dishes for tomorrow!
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