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see amaranthamaranth
[Gr.,=unfading], common name for the Amaranthaceae (also commonly known as the pigweed family), a family of herbs, trees, and vines of warm regions, especially in the Americas and Africa.
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1. A piece of sheet steel with a toothed edge along the long dimension; used to level and scratch plaster to produce a key for the next coat; a comb.
2. A tool consisting of a steel plate having a finely serrated edge; used to dress stone by dragging it back and forth across the surface.


, coxcomb
1. an amaranthaceous garden or pot plant, Celosia cristata, with yellow, crimson, or purple feathery plumelike flowers in a broad spike resembling the comb of a cock
2. any similar species of Celosia
3. the comb of a domestic cock
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Around 1996, Oliver planted the first seeds that produced cockscomb flowers of the deep red variety.
While the physical evidence of planting seeds is seen in the cockscomb, the intangible seeds of integrity, generosity, encouragement and a sense of humor Oliver planted for his family are immeasurable.
from heat, cool to room temperature, then drain cockscombs and tongues
The surprise contents, only partly filling the thin outer covering made from lentil flour and fine-grained breadcrumbs, were the intelligently cooked, mince-like cockscombs.
Madam, - Two Cockscombs wait at your command, And, what is strange, both dressed by Nature's hand; Like other fops they dread a hasty shower, And beg a refuge in your closet bower; Showy like them, like them they yield no fruit, But then, to make amends, they both are mute.
The garish red of the cockscombs, the raw organs, the blood, and the evocative stench coming off them are as shocking as the scenes of killings perpetrated by the warring sides.