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river, c.466 mi (750 km) long, rising in S Honduras and flowing E into Nicaragua and then NE to the Caribbean Sea. Part of the Mosquito CoastMosquito Coast
or Mosquitia
, region, east coast of Nicaragua and Honduras. The name is derived from the Miskito, the indigenous inhabitants and remnants of the Chorotega, who were never conquered by the Spanish. Never exactly delimited, the region is a belt c.
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 region, and once the object of dispute between Honduras and Nicaragua, the middle and lower course forms the boundary between the two countries. The Coco River was formerly known as the Segovia River.


The Tandy Color Computer with a Motorola MC6809E CPU. The Dragon is a CoCo clone. The CoCo was as powerful as the IBM XT at the time it was made, and could run OS-9.
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Coco Collection is pleased to welcome Schaffelhuber Communications and Memac Ogilvy to the growing team of partners in a journey to become the premier luxury holiday lifestyle resort brand in the region.
Coco gets a hug from mum Trudie and Sting Main picture: GILBERT FLORES/ LFI; Coco.
I'm a Newcastle fan and I think it's great Coco has signed.
His life has gotten significantly busier in the past six months, between moving to Los Angeles, opening his play (twice), attending Trick premieres and parties--and even talking with Fall about creating a TV pilot based on Miss Coco.
This re-launch is part of Coco Collection's strategy to continuously upgrade their online presence while seamlessly connecting with clients across the globe and increasing the online visibility of Coco Collection as a leading luxury boutique hotel brand in the region.
The FAL Food and Beverages group now produces products as part of its Coco Joy brand, including:
8220;We are delighted that Coco Collection and Coco Prive Kuda Hithi Island have been honored at the World Travel Awards yet again and we thank our loyal guests and industry peers for their support towards this achievement,” comments Shafa Shabeer, Director of Marketing at Coco Collection.
With strong Brazilian roots, Elza Artiaga has over 16 years of experience in the 5-star hotel industry as she joins Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu as its first female General Manager.
8220;I am excited to have taken on the responsibilities of General Manager here at the magnificent Coco Prive Kuda Hithi Island in Maldives, and it is with great pleasure that I look forward to working with the team that has so successfully launched this extravagant island.
8220;We are thrilled to win the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence yet again this year as it is such a great source of pride for the entire team at Coco Collection.
8220;We are overjoyed that Coco Spa at Coco Bodu Hithi has been awarded the Best Luxury Destination Spa in Maldives by the World Luxury Spa Awards
Apart from the involvement with these gentle ocean giants, Coco Collection also leads in support and contribution towards the Maldives Turtle Identification Program.