Coco Plum

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Coco Plum


or golden plum (Chrysobalanus icaco), a shrub or small tree (up to 9 m high) of the family Chrysobalanaceae. The fruits are pinkish white, bright red, or almost black in color and tartly sweet and somewhat tangy. Their white flesh grows compactly around an elongated seed; the fruits resemble a large plum.

The coco plum grows wild along the seacoast of tropical America. It is cultivated in the tropics of America and Africa. The fruits are used as food; the flesh as a black dye; an edible oil is obtained from the seeds.


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The observation boxes were put over lobate lac scale infested coco plum seedlings (growing in the cones), which were manually defoliated to allow an unobstructed view.
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