Cocoa Butter

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cocoa butter

[′kō‚kō ‚bəd·ər]
A brown fat obtained from cacao seeds; melts at 30-35°C; used in the manufacture of chocolate, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Also known as cacao butter; oleum theobromatis; theobroma oil.

Cocoa Butter


a fatty pale yellow oil with a weak aromatic smell of cocoa; obtained from the beans of the cacao tree. The beans contain up to 50 percent cocoa butter. Cocoa butter contains tristearine and thus has a solid consistency at room temperature. It melts at a temperature of 30°-34°C. Cocoa butter is used in the confectionery industry as well as in the preparation of medicinal suppositories, ointments, and lipstick. Cocoa butter may be replaced by mixtures of hydrogenated fats.

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The sterilization process had a major impact on size and entrapment efficiency, confirming that cocoa butter recrystallization is influenced by cooling rates.
However, for those who want to maintain length, there is a healthy way to elongate shrinkage-prone hair with our new Red Palm & Cocoa Butter collection that detangles, defines, moisturizes, lengthens and also blocks humidity.
White chocolate is also a way to use up extra cocoa butter that is extracted from the cocoa bean when making cocoa powder.
Fortified with natural powerful ingredients such as cocoa butter and argan oil, the latest variants are designed to effectively help address all unique skin care needs of our consumers in the Middle East.
lt;B Bangor University student Sayma Akhter may have solved the chocolate crisis by finding that wild mango could be a healthier alternative to cocoa butter
CHOCKY LOCKS Feed tresses with cocoa butter - it's ideal for conditioning dry, frizzy or curly hair.
By definition, it's at least 20 percent cocoa butter, 14 percent milk solids and no more than 55 percent sugar.
We don't have many alternatives to these products except when it comes to peanut butter and Nutella which is essentially hazelnut and cocoa butter but it is processed and filled with additives.
He further added, "The wonderful moisturising properties of this Cocoa Butter are great for all skin types so everyone can use it, it's particularly suited to athletes who are frequently out in the elements.
Ingredients should include cocoa butter (but not other fats such as palm or coconut oils), sugar and vanilla, and not much else.
If you don't want to lash out PS35 for a half hour spa treatment then look for skincare products enriched with cocoa butter, such as the cheap and cheerful ranges by Palmer's and The Body Shop.
Palmer's main cocoa supplier for the Cocoa Butter Formula brand, Dutch Cocoa, is part of the ECOM Agro Industrial Corporation, which maintains close relationships with cocoa producers and their families in order to help strengthen the farmers' position and to ensure an ample supply of high quality raw materials.