Cocoa Butter

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cocoa butter

[′kō‚kō ‚bəd·ər]
A brown fat obtained from cacao seeds; melts at 30-35°C; used in the manufacture of chocolate, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Also known as cacao butter; oleum theobromatis; theobroma oil.
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Cocoa Butter


a fatty pale yellow oil with a weak aromatic smell of cocoa; obtained from the beans of the cacao tree. The beans contain up to 50 percent cocoa butter. Cocoa butter contains tristearine and thus has a solid consistency at room temperature. It melts at a temperature of 30°-34°C. Cocoa butter is used in the confectionery industry as well as in the preparation of medicinal suppositories, ointments, and lipstick. Cocoa butter may be replaced by mixtures of hydrogenated fats.

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The color of cocoa powder is not contributed by the cocoa butter and the flavor of cocoa is primarily derived from the cocoa solids; therefore, more color and flavor (weight for weight) is provided by the defatted cocoa.
Products for men include Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Men's Body and Face Bar, a two-in-one, ultra-cleansing wash with pure cocoa butter and vitamin E to hydrate the skin and leave it looking healthy and smelling fresh.
This report provides in depth study of "Cocoa Butter Replacer (CBR) Market" using SWOT analysis i.e.
The Red Palm & Cocoa Butter collection was formulated to provide a healthy way for women with curly hair to elongate shrinkage-prone hair and maintain their hair length, the company said.
The high solubility of CoQ10 cocoa butter made it possible to achieve 85% to 90% entrapment efficiency in its SLN form.
SheaMoisture Red Palm Oil & Cocoa Butter products are said to detangle, define, moisturize, lengthen and block humidity.
A cocoa bean is made up of roughly equal parts cocoa butter and cacao nibs.
The Cocoa Butter Petroleum Jelly contains rich conditioning jelly with cocoa butter and Vitamin E, while the Argan Oil Petroleum Jelly is enriched with argan oil and Vitamin E.
Wild mango butter has a higher moisture content than cocoa butter, and a growing body of evidence shows that higher moisture content butters produce low-fat chocolate which may help prevent obesity, heart diseases and diabetes.
Or try Palmer's Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Gradual Tanning Moisturizer, PS5.59, it's super-chocolatey.
(Regular baking chocolate is about 60 percent cocoa butter and solids.)
The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Shower Cream, PS4 SOAP free and containing real cocoa butter, this had a very sweet scent which was a bit overpowering for me but it was very moisturising though.