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1. Music the final, sometimes inessential, part of a musical structure
2. a concluding part of a literary work, esp a summary at the end of a novel of further developments in the lives of the characters



(1) In poetics, a supplementary verse outside the firm strophic scheme (or firm combinations of strophes)—for example, in the sonnet, verses beyond 14 lines, and in the triolet, beyond eight lines. Broadly, a coda is the concluding part of a complex strophe differing from the main body in the arrangement of rhymes, number of feet, or other indications—for example, lines 5–7 of a strophe from Goethe’s The Bride of Corinth:

Nightly from my narrow chamber driven

Come I to fulfill my destin’d part

Him to seek to whom my troth was given

And to draw the life-blood from his heart.

He hath served my will;

More I yet must kill,

For another prey I now depart.

(2) In music, a concluding section that supplements the main part. The coda has a fixed character: it employs a tonic organ point, repetition of constructions of a closing character, and melodic-harmonic turns that recapitulate and summarize the work’s thematic material. In slow works the coda is usually even slower, creating a calming effect, and in fast pieces the coda’s tempo often increases. Large works with contrasting themes frequently introduce the theme of the middle section as a reminder into the coda.


(1) A distributed file system developed at Carnegie Mellon University in the late 1980s. Evolving from the Andrews File System, Coda is noted for its ability to withstand network failures. See AFS.

(2) A software company based in the U.K. that produces accounting software for mainframes, VAX and client/server environments. The parent company is the Coda Group, Plc. with U.S. offices in Manchester, NH.

(3) Earlier Web authoring software from RandomNoise, Inc., San Francisco, CA. It was used to generate very sophisticated websites that were built in Java rather than HTML codes. Coda itself is written in Java.
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Un relato completo exhibe seis rasgos estructurales bien definidos, esto es, resumen, orientacion, complicacion, evaluacion, resolucion y coda.
Apart from energy storage, CODA also has automotive business assets.
Entre as fricativas que podem ocupar o lugar de coda encontram-se as fricativas alveolar e palatal, dependendo do dialeto, que correspondem ao arquifonema [S].
De um ponto de vista fonetico, a posicao de coda silabica corresponde ao que Cagliari (2009) denomina de um momento de reducao progressiva da forca muscular, o que pode tornar os segmentos que ocupam essa posicao menos audiveis e perceptiveis.
The foundation and CoDA will continue to work with stakeholders on the agreed action plan to pursue increased economic integration.
The company will partner CODA Automotive in offering new four-door, five-passenger all-electric CODA Sedans to California locations of the company as part of the Hertz Global EV programme.
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Coda travels to farms it buys from to ensure product quality and suitable living standards for workers.
Engineering expertise "The Coda sedan and other hybrid-electric vehicles like it represent the future of the automotive industry," said Bob Riedford, president and general manager of Buehler Motor, Inc.
just one consonant) at the end of a word; also, a syllable can have a two member coda only word internally, but even in this case, codas are limited to a small number of combinations (mainly in the morphemes: ex- ins-, trans-, cons-).
Coda said the vehicle will be available for around $45,000 and will have a range of 90 to 120 miles depending on individual driving habits.
In a typical manual expense procedure, conformance to corporate policy is normally undertaken late in the process, which then necessitates a large amount of manual chasing and checking to make the necessary adjustments," says CODA CEO Steve Pugh.
Definition: The final regulations define a designated Roth contribution as an elective contribution under a qualified CODA that is (1) designated irrevocably by the employee at the time of the cash or deferred election as a designated Roth contribution; (2) treated by the employer as includible in the employee's income at the time the employee would have received the amount in cash if he or she had not made the cash or deferred election; and (3) maintained by the plan in a separate account.