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A device that converts analog signals to digital form for transmission and converts signals traveling in the opposite direction from digital to analog form. Derived from coder-decoder.



(1) (COder/DECoder) A hardware circuit that performs analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) and/or digital-to-analog (DAC) conversion. When a digital device receives analog signals from a microphone, VHS tape or other analog source, the ADC converts them to digital audio samples and video frames. Generally, the results are further compressed to save bandwidth (see definition #2).

(2) (COmpressor/DECompressor) Software and/or hardware that compresses digital audio and video data in order to reduce file size. Compressed files can be transmitted faster and stored in less space. For example, a song on a CD can be reduced to 10% of its original file size using MP3 compression (see MP3). The size of a movie/video file is dramatically reduced using various compression techniques (see video format).

Video formats generally use one codec, which may comprise several quality levels. "Container formats," such as Apple's QuickTime and Microsoft's AVI, support a variety of codecs (see container).

The goal of codec designers is to maintain audio and video quality while compressing the binary data further. Lossy methods are widely used, which actually discard bits that most people cannot hear or see. See lossy compression, codec examples, companding and codec switching.

(3) (COmpressor-DECompressor) A general data compression algorithm; for example, a "Zip codec." The term may also be applied to the built-in algorithms used to create and render images such as GIFs and JPEGs. See data compression.
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Our new Codec Fleet Manager offers a significant improvement over the labor-intensive and time-consuming technical processes once required to maintain a fleet of AoIP contribution codecs," said Pascal Malgouyard, head of product marketing at Digigram.
263 hardware codec provides up to CIF (352 x 288 pixels) resolution video compression/de-compression capability to wireless video-enabled devices, such as mobile phones, PDAs, and digital still cameras.
264 video codec and iLBC audio codec, Ojo was able to demonstrate significantly improved levels of performance in video telephony.
TMI provides a comprehensive suite of codecs, tools, and platforms for wireless operators, handset and chip manufacturers, as well as complete content delivery solutions for content owners.
MainConcept will focus its efforts on offering a wide range of codecs and SDKs for the most popular platforms, whereas Elecard Devices will be concentrating on the development of applications for digital video as well as software reference designs and hardware development kits for the IPTV and broadcast markets.
Fully Integrated Class-D Audio Codec Extends Cirrus Logic Low-Power IC Family
Previous generations of Chipidea codecs have been widely adopted by the industry and the company has used this experience to develop this new codec IP.
With the addition of Agent Vi's codec-optimized edge code, COE's codecs are now fully armed to run best-of-breed video analytics.
The new software, which utilizes the existing IDT HD Audio codecs, allows customers to easily provide simultaneous audio processing objects (APO) -- including third-party add-ons and proprietary functionality -- beyond the capabilities built into Vista itself.
Over the years MainConcept has developed a complete range of all-important standards-based codecs for the PC and established long term relationships with many leading companies allover the world.
eVideo is Oki's video codec technology for video communication, recording and replaying over IP networks in high-speed and high-quality and with low latency.
The company offers SDKs which make it easy for developers to implement codecs and other multimedia features with minimal research and development.