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Notably, one of the commands in the Trojan dropper changed the default system codepage of the command prompt session to 1251, which is required to render Cyrillic fonts.
Luckily, the source environment is ASCII like Windows so we were able to minimize codepage challenges," says John Regan, VP of Delivery at BluePhoenix.
Unicode is a universal codepage (which converts numeric code points into characters) that can be used with any compliant computer platform or software application.
The Zebra Global Printing Solution lets the printer automatically output any language, with no need for an operator to select the language, font, codepage or otherwise configure or adjust the printer.
mySAP Business Suite users will find great value in Zebra's Unicode solution because it removes redundant font, codepage and label format redevelopment costs from international bar code label printing operations," said Dave Crist, vice president of sales for Zebra Technologies.
Without Unicode, organizations with international label printing needs must purchase multiple font packages, additional labeling software, and printers with language-specific codepages to output all required language characters.
This enables users to create and print bar code label formats on any Unicode-enabled Zebra printer without needing to switch codepages at either the printer or the server for each language.
Additionally, SYMBIATOR works across multi-national enterprises, able to replicate data in any language supported by Microsoft Codepage.
The 4440 can also print in the Unicode(TM) standard language as well as in other well-known character mapping standards, such as ASCII, Shift-JIS, Big 5, GB and IBM(R) Codepage.
iDNS is built upon Unicode Standard (ISO10646) and supports all legacy encodings standard, including GBK, BIG5, Shift-JIS, EUC-KR (widely used in China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea respectively), ISO-8859 standard (used in European and Middle East) and Windows CodePages (used in localized Windows 3.
Full support for all Middle East and Asia Pacific languages and codepages is provided while being completely printer and operating system independent also for color documents.