Codreanu, Nicolae

Codreanu, Nicolae


(Nicolae Zubcu-Codreanu). Born in 1850 in the village of Nisporeni, Bessarabia Province; died Dec. 31, 1878, in Bucharest. Rumanian revolutionary democrat.

Codreanu studied medicine at St. Petersburg University from 1870 to 1874. His world view was formed under the influence of the Russian revolutionary democrats. At the end of 1874 he returned to his homeland, where he founded the first socialist circles, in Ia§i and Bucharest. Codreanu organized the publication of the first Rumanian socialist newspaper, Socialistul, which began coming out on May 26, 1877.


In Russian translation:
“O gosudarstve, sobstvennosti i sem’e.” In Peredovye rumynskie mysliteli XVIII-XIX vv. Moscow, 1961.


Neagoe, S. Nicolae Codreanu. Bucharest, 1970.
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