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in statistics, qualitative indexes expressed in relative quantities, that is, factors representing the results of comparisons of the dimensions of heterogeneous or homogeneous interrelated socioeconomic phenomena.

In statistics, coefficients can be used to describe (1) the speed of development of some socioeconomic phenomenon; the dynamic coefficient, as it is called, shows how many times greater a quantity is in the given period than it was in some earlier periods; (2) the frequency of occurrence of the phenomenon in a certain environment—for example, the birth rate coefficient and the coefficient of work force turnover; (3) the degree of utilization of labor, physical, or monetary resources—for example, the coefficient of extensive (over time) or intensive (by capacity) equipment load, the coefficient of materials use, and all efficiency factors; (4) coordination—that is, the interdependence of qualitatively different phenomena, including the coefficient of population density and the correlation coefficient; and (5) variation (fluctuation) of the magnitudes of a characteristic—for example, rhythm coefficients and variation factors.

Coefficients are expressed in percentages, per thousand, and as a ratio to one. It should be noted that not every relative quantity is a coefficient; for example, the relative share is considered a proportion.


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Consequently, correlation of the average correction coefficient and flattened Brazilian correction coefficient can be expressed as follows:
The diffusion coefficients for chloride ions were measured to investigate the resistance of the concrete cylinders to chloride ions penetration.
The virial coefficients can be calculated from experimental and theoretical model of the intermolecular potential energy of the gas molecules, the B (T) may be given as follows [17, 18, 19]:
In order to estimate the time-varying correlation coefficient, so this paper select the dynamic correlation multivariate stochastic volatility model (DC-MSV model) in all MSV model to do the research.
The researchers found that participating labs followed the RCSC procedure, but were sometimes reporting very different slip coefficients for identical coatings.
Keywords Cathodic electrodeposited coating, Sliding friction coefficient, Steel, Ceramics
The Table 1 exposes the relationship between temperature t, [degrees]C ionol distribution coefficients [K.
The reflection coefficients for both electric and magnetic line sources are required in order to emulate both perpendicular and parallel polarization of a plane wave.
The average values of these discharge coefficients are compared against the discharge coefficient values from experimental, and this comparison is tabulated in Table 9.
Our approach approximates a set of mixed models, one for each quality measure in each contract with random coefficients for contracts and a multivariate second-level distribution governing the relationships among these coefficients.
So path coefficient analysis technique is a statistical approach which is based on multiple regression and is useful for revealing the direct and indirect effects of the variables in a network of factors like agro/morpho/physio/biochemical traits which is able to separate correlation coefficients into their components of direct and indirect effects (Dewey and Lu, 1959; Wright, 1960).
has positive power series coefficients for all positive powers of q.

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