coherent radar

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coherent pulse radar

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A typical layout of coherent pulse radar.
A form of pulse radar in which the radio frequency oscillations in a recurrent pulse bear a constant pulse relation to those of a continuous oscillation. Pulse Doppler radar is of this form. Also called coherent radar.
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Thus, DRFM use is not limited to electronic attack against coherent radars.
James Scheer and James Kurtz, Coherent Radar Performance Estimation, Artech House Inc.
But use of the DRFM is not limited to electronic attack against coherent radars.
Balsley, "Design Considerations for Coherent Radar Systems for Probing the Troposphere, Stratosphere and Mesosphere," Preprints, 18th Conference on Radar Meteorology, (Atlanta), AMS, Boston, 1978, pp.
A number of advanced W-band solid-state coherent radar transceivers have been described and are presently under development.
The resultant loss in J/S (jam-to-radar-signal) ratio of the former, due to the dilution of signal power over large bandwidth, and the inability of the latter to replicate coherent radar signals mitigates against their utility to deceive missile seekers.
Coherent radar sources generate the input signals to an EW receiver.
5-kg (excluding ground mounting tripod) system is noted as being able to generate "denial and deception" modulations against pulsed, continuous-wave and coherent radars.
However, the SIP's DRFM-based jammer would provide the ability to accurately mimic the radar signatures necessary to defeat coherent radars, say the technology's proponents, who hope the Air Force will insist on the DRFM upgrade.
The advent of coherent radars, especially those found in pulse Doppler fire control and active missile guidance systems, placed greater demands upon the ECM community.

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