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A process of forming metals by squeezing between two dies so as to impress well-defined imprints on both surfaces of the work; usually performed cold.
Final pressing of a sintered compact in powder metallurgy.



the production of raised images on the surfaces of medals, coins, and the like (seeCOIN-MAKING AND MEDALLIC ART); it may be accomplished manually—by means of heavy blows—or in a coining press with steel dies bearing the desired images and inscriptions in intaglio.


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Table : Flat Chemical Optical Urethane Emboss Emboss Hoffman scratch 500 gr 400 gr 350 gr Coin rubbing >15 rubs >15 rubs >15 rubs
This will include making Bunty cut-out dress-up paper dolls, paper fans and coin rubbings of 'old money' and playing popular games in the 50s like Beetle Drive.
DAY 3 Students will complete their coin rubbings and a rubbing from a wall, the paper cutter and the speaker cover of the artroom radio (substitute surfaces accordingly).