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see liqueurliqueur
, strong alcoholic beverage made of almost neutral spirits, flavored with herb mixtures, fruits, or other materials, and usually sweetened. The name derives from the Latin word to melt.
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RA(c)my Cointreau, a family-owned French Group, has a portfolio of 12 unique brands, such as the RA(c)my Martin and Louis XIII cognacs, and Cointreau liqueur.
At the 'Lasap Pilipino' culinary tour headed by chef Myrna Segismundo here, Cointreau flew in from his base in London to address an audience of over 50 people that included Philippine Ambassador to France Ma.
40ml Cointreau, 10ml fresh lime juice, 40ml blood orange or red pomelo, 40ml sparkling water Fill a large goblet glass with ice, add Cointreau, fresh lime juice and blood orange juice into a glass.
Drizzle with 4-6 tbsp of Cointreau and serve with good vanilla ice cream.
I was fortunate enough to be invited to Cointreau's first cocktail academy for bartenders and press for a three-day journey to the company's home base.
Chose anything from butterscotch strawberries and Cointreau on the way home - why not [bar] Tel: 01766 890339 JOE'S ICE CREAM PARLOUR, MUMBLES, SWANSEA [bar] GIVEN the early summer we have been having, is there any better way to enjoy the seldom-seen sunshine than a visit to the seaside?
"What they prefer is a sweet liqueur, like Cointreau." Right-oh, And as for LUCY, well...
Mai-Tai: 2cl dark rum, 2cl golden rum, 1cl Cointreau, 1clorgeat syrup, 2cl fresh lime juice, 3 dashes Grenadine.
Remy Cointreau USA will move the production of Piper Sonoma Sparkling Wine from J Vineyards & Winery, where it has been under contract for the last 10 years, to RB Wine Associates, where they currently have a multi-year contract to produce Bearboat wines, also owned by Remy Cointreau USA.
Beverage distributor Remy Cointreau USA has created a new role for a control state director within the firm.
Meanwhile simmer strawberries (saving a few for decoration) for 2 minutes with the Cointreau and orange juice.