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see liqueurliqueur
, strong alcoholic beverage made of almost neutral spirits, flavored with herb mixtures, fruits, or other materials, and usually sweetened. The name derives from the Latin word to melt.
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This is an excellent transaction for Bruichladdich, the Islay community and a wonderful opportunity for the company to reach its full potential, under the stewardship of Remy Cointreau with their strong distribution network and their experienced brand development.
Cointreau will also be teaming up with Remy VSOP to offer a special double pack to consumers, featuring half bottles of each.
Sublimely simple and finely tuned, this is the perfect alchemy of 100 percent agave silver tequila, fresh lime and Cointreau, a premium orange liqueur.
I'm thrilled to have been chosen to represent Cointreau and serve as an ambassador for one of the oldest and most well-respected spirits brands," said winner, Lubens Besse.
I love combining elegance and controversy, and My Private Cointreau Coffret is a marvellous concept - infusing a touch of mystery into the art of making a cocktail.
In a medium bowl, beat or mix together cream cheese, powdered sugar and Cointreau until smooth.
This week Highland finally unveiled Maxxium, its global sales and distribution joint venture with Jim Beam Brands and Remy Cointreau.
Then put 25ml of vodka, 12ml of cointreau and dash of
Some establishments, such as the Just Cavalli Cafe in Milan and the Hilton's Galaxy Bar in Athens have been lucky enough to host the wonderful Cointreau Ambassadress for their Cointreaupolitan events.
The Edinburgh Dandy Whisky, Dubonnet, Angostura Bitters, Cointreau
Appearing on an exclusive interview of Veja Magazine, the nation's most important weekly magazine, and as guest of honour on Globo's news programme , Dita Von Teese immediately conquered the country while promoting the most glamorous orange liqueur in the world: COINTREAU.
At Pasadena's Xiomara, Cosmopolitans - a shaken mixture of vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice and a squeeze of lime served in a frozen martini glass - are also selling like crazy.