plectranthus barbatus

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coleus forskohlii

coleus forskohlii

I still don’t know how to pronounce it, but it’s a super amazing ayurvedic herb in the mint/lavender family. Used for allergic conditions such as asthma and eczema, helps relax bronchial muscles in asthmatics making breathing so much easier. Good for psoriasis, reduces inflammation, blood pressure, hypertension, glaucoma, helps strengthen heart, dilates blood vessels, lowers artery plaque build up and helps regulate thyroid. It also increases ATP (energy) and cAMP, which stimulates nitric oxide which dilates blood vessels in lungs, including in the genitals... like Viagra. Burns body fat, regulates thyroid function, cholesterol, thins blood, blocks spread of cancer cells, lowers blood sugar, digestive bitter to cleanse the liver, improves digestion. Do not take if on blood thinners, high blood pressure medications, oral hypoglycemics, heart medications, or if you have bleeding disorders or abnormally low blood pressure. A tropical perennial.
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* Clinique's All About Eyes Rich helps diminish the appearance of undereye circles and puffiness with a blend of coleus barbatus, glycosaminoglycans and phytosphingosine, which strengthens skin's structure and restores hydration to parched eye area skin with cholesterol, potassium sulfate and special lipid blend, which mimics the natural lipids found in skin.