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see ColosseumColosseum
or Coliseum
, Ital. Colosseo, common name of the Flavian Amphitheater in Rome, near the southeast end of the Forum, between the Palatine and Esquiline hills. Begun by Vespasian, c.A.D. 75, and completed by his son Titus in A.D.
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Any large amphitheater; any large sports arena, open or roofed.

colosseum, coliseum

colosseum, 1 showing seating and plan at various levels
1.(cap.) The Flavian amphitheater in Rome.
2. Any large Roman amphitheater.
3. Now, any large sports arena, open or roofed.
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The Coliseum was run by Welshpool-based Paramount Picture Theatres until 1984.
com together with the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority, the NFL Oakland Raiders, MLB Oakland A's, the city of Oakland and Alameda County.
A consultant recently told Coliseum officials it could expect to reap up to $6 million per year in naming rights, which could help net the state $1.
By late March, Shinn had abandoned his demands for a new tax-funded arena, offering to buy the coliseum for the $30 million the city still owes.
Work on the improvements will begin immediately with major work to be performed during the off-season to avoid interruptions to USC games at the Coliseum.
Tickets for the party are pounds 5 each and available on the Save the Coliseum website.
The frame for the Coliseum would be built off-site and assembled in the six months before the games, Flood said.
He said: "Being an ex-pupil of Ysgol Eifionydd, it''s a great shame to hear the Coliseum hasn''t opened its doors since January.
The Coliseum and the state, which is represented by the California Science Center board, have continued discussions on a new 49-year lease agreement after the old one expired last year.
Considering the immense cost, billionaire Wang seems like the right candidate for the job and has pledged to fund the development's initial phase, the reported $245 coliseum expansion and the construction of a neighboring sports center that will include two NHL quality ice rinks and a large fitness center.
With future requests to locate franchises to Los Angeles and specifically the Coliseum becoming increasingly likely, the Commission would like to hear approaches and proposals which would best present the Coliseum to any such potential franchises.