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see ColosseumColosseum
or Coliseum
, Ital. Colosseo, common name of the Flavian Amphitheater in Rome, near the southeast end of the Forum, between the Palatine and Esquiline hills. Begun by Vespasian, c.A.D. 75, and completed by his son Titus in A.D.
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Any large amphitheater; any large sports arena, open or roofed.

colosseum, coliseum

colosseum, 1 showing seating and plan at various levels
1.(cap.) The Flavian amphitheater in Rome.
2. Any large Roman amphitheater.
3. Now, any large sports arena, open or roofed.
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The Coliseum was run by Welshpool-based Paramount Picture Theatres until 1984.
By late March, Shinn had abandoned his demands for a new tax-funded arena, offering to buy the coliseum for the $30 million the city still owes.
He said: "Being an ex-pupil of Ysgol Eifionydd, it''s a great shame to hear the Coliseum hasn''t opened its doors since January.
While it's hard to put a timeframe on the latter part of the development, sources within the Islander's organization say that the initial stage, which will lower the floor of Nassau Coliseum to make room for more rows of seating but still preserve the arena's renowned sightlines, could begin as early as 2006.
Group spokesman Aled Jones said businesses and individuals are coming forward with ideas and offers of help to reopen the Coliseum.
Coliseum Books, a New York City landmark that stood for 27 years at 57th Street and Broadway until January 2002, will re-open in April 2003.