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The LBJMR medium presents the advantage of being versatile, combining colistin-resistant and vancomycin-resistant bacteria screening tools, conferred by 4 [micro]g/ml of colistin sulfate and 50 [micro]g/ml of vancomycin.
Colistin sulfate and bacitracin zinc are commonly used in broiler chickens but rarely used in weaning piglets [13].
- On day 1, 10 mL of 2 CAMHB media containing colistin sulfate at 0.5x MIC (equal to 0.25 ug/mL) were separately inoculated with ATCC strain and clinical isolate from three fresh colonies (Passage 1).
Colistin sulfate was purchased as a substance of pharmaceutical grade from Merck Pharmaceuticals, Islamabad.
(2012) observed that the replacement of a dietary antibacterial agent (colistin sulfate) with Clostridium butyricum promoted growth performance and immune function and benefited the balance of the intestinal microflora in male Lingnan Yellow broiler chickens.
(2) Antibiotic provided the following per kg of feed: Chlortetracycline, 150 mg; Colistin sulfate, 80 mg; Kitasamycin 50 mg.
Polymyxin B and colistin sulfate (Sigma-Aldrich, St.
Pigs were fed a control diet or diets supplemented with antibiotics (100 ppm colistin sulfate, 50 ppm Kitasamycin plus 60 ppm Olaquindox), 0.5% or 1% ASD.
During January 2008-December 2010, we screened 3,186 fecal samples on brain-heart infusion agar with 5% defibrinated sheep blood and antimicrobial drugs (bacitracin, cycloheximide, colistin sulfate, cephazoline sodium, novobiocin) and incubated under microaerophillic environment (5% [O.sub.2], 10% C[O.sub.2], and 85% [N.sub.2]) at 37[degrees]C for 48 h.