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29, 2000 expressing concern about fires in college dorms.
These tight-space solutions from college dorms are worthy of study by anyone
By applying this unique marketing strategy across our wide range of product offerings, consumers of all ages are guaranteed comfort and quality sleep whether at home, while travelling or in a college dorm room.
Sections include Make Your Bed (includes Mini-Futon), Fight the Freshman 15, Going Green, Keep it Clean and Leave It or Take It - College Dorm Room Checklist.
Germain actually expects his trial balloon about taxing college dorm rooms will fly, or whether he's just trying to score points with the public employee unions and the soak-the-colleges crowd he perceives to be his main constituencies.
In college dorm rooms, his image (defiant gaze, beret adorned with a red star) remains a perennial favorite among wannabe revolutionaries.
Walk through a college dorm and you'll undoubtedly see rooms with lights, stereos, appliances, and computers humming away.
Stephanie Bongiovi, 19, was taken to hospital last month after being discovered unresponsive in her New York college dorm room.
WORCESTER - "Let it burn," yelled the 300 WPI students gathered for last night's demonstration and the Worcester firefighters did just that, standing idly, if watchfully, by while the fire in the typical college dorm room spread to the foam mattress and eventually everything else.
They plan to attend New York University in the fall and are now in the process of turning two Lower Manhattan condominiums into one massive college dorm for themselves - at a reported price tag of $3.
While termed bed bugs, these nocturnal pests, when introduced to new environments, can spread quickly to infest sofas, chairs, picture frames and other staples of college dorm decor.
com)-- College students are going to spend a lot of time in the college dorm room studying and working on homework.

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