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city (1990 pop. 22,446), Madison co., SW Ill.; settled 1817, inc. 1872. Once a coal-mining center, the city now has food-products and clothing industries. Nearby are the Cahokia MoundsCahokia Mounds,
approximately 85 surviving Native American earthworks, most in Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, SW Ill., near East St. Louis; largest group of mounds N of Mexico. Monks' Mound, a rectangular, flat-topped earthwork, 100 ft (30.
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, the Native American earthworks.
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One Sunday morning, Charley received a telephone call from a friend in Collinsville, who told him that the full force of fishermen was out with its nets.
So when we had hooked ten nets, with ten boats containing twenty men streaming along behind us, we veered to the left out of the fleet and headed toward Collinsville.
So we raced along, behind us a howling, screaming bedlam of wrathful Greeks, Collinsville ahead, and bullets spat-spatting all around us.
"Ay tank we go into Collinsville yust der same," he said.
We had a hornet's nest on our hands, and to stop at Collinsville would be to have it about our ears.
We were right in at Collinsville then, and went foaming by within biscuit-toss of the wharf.
The tiny white houses of Collinsville, which they were nearing, disappeared behind a low island, though the Montezuma Hills, with their long, low, restful lines, slumbered on the horizon apparently as far away as ever.
As the Roamer passed the mouth of Montezuma Slough and entered the Sacramento, they came upon Collinsville close at hand.
While driving just west of Collinsville, just outside of Fairmount City along Route 40, one would not guess that a millennium ago, they would have been driving through the largest pre-Columbian city in North America.
Collinsville, Illinois-headquartered FCB Banks has announced that it has taken over Columbia National Bank (CNB).
A mob of men and boys, more than 200 of them, many of them drunk, are parading a German immigrant, Robert Prager, down Collinsville's Main Street.