collision avoidance system

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collision avoidance system

(1) See adaptive cruise control, semiautonomous vehicle and self-driving car.

(2) An in-vehicle safety system that applies the brakes when it detects a possible forward collision. Based on the current driving speed and the distance to the vehicle ahead (determined by radar), a collision avoidance system warns the driver first and intervenes if no human action is taken. Advanced systems can apply the brakes when heading into an oncoming car while turning the corner.

Cross Traffic Avoidance
A cross traffic system alerts the driver that a car or cyclist is about to cross in front. It may also stop the vehicle.

Collision Avoidance in Reverse
Safety devices when backing up a vehicle have matured. The most elementary "rear blind zone assist" is a set of sensors that cause audible beeps when getting close to an object. That evolved to a rear camera that enables drivers to see objects on screen that are directly behind the car. The camera was later augmented with a "cross traffic" or "cross path alert" system that warns the driver when a car is moving perpendicular to the rear. Advanced systems can also sense pedestrians and cyclists and may even be able to apply the brakes as in forward collision detection. See automotive safety systems.

Rear Cross Path Alert
When backing up in this 2017 Honda, cars coming into the driver's path are alerted by audio and visual alerts. In this example, beeps were heard along with flashing orange arrows (right side) as a car was approaching from behind on the passenger side.
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In the process of determining and verifying the market size for several segments and sub-segments gathered through secondary research, extensive primary interviews of key opinion leaders in the collision avoidance system market were conducted.
SNP defence spokesman Angus Robertson, whose Moray constituency contains RAF Lossiemouth where the two jets had been based, said: "It is scandalous the MoD committed to a Tornado collision avoidance system in the 1990s, but this was not installed in time to potentially avert the fatal 2012 crash and is still not in use.
Officials said the collision avoidance system possesses applications for both military and commercial aircraft.
The head of the Swiss Air Accident Investigation Bureau said he didn't know what rules Russian pilots have to follow in the case of a conflict between instructions from air traffic controllers and the plane's own collision avoidance system.
The Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), an electronic warning device in the cockpit, was activated and advised both pilots of the actions they needed to take.
The JAS plane's on-board collision avoidance system worked, indicating the presence of another aircraft.
A locust has been made to watch battle scenes from the movie Star Wars to help scientists developing a new collision avoidance system for cars, it was disclosed yesterday.
Technavio's analysts forecast the global collision avoidance system market to grow at a CAGR of 22.
Damning report into aPS60m traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS) was considered for the bomber four years before the crash.
the global leader in satellite navigation, announced the GTS 8000 Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS II)/Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS II) for transport category aircraft.
The model features Active Noise Control, collision avoidance system and Forest Air climate control.
The automatic collision avoidance system on a British Airways Boeing 747 was triggered over Marseilles, France on 29 September but has only now been reported.

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