collision detection

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collision detection

[kə′lizh·ən di‚tek·shən]
(computer science)
A procedure in which a computer network senses a situation where two computer devices attempt to access the network at the same time and blocks the messages, requiring each device to resubmit its message at a randomly selected time.

collision detection

A class of methods for sharing a data transmission medium in which hosts transmit as soon as they have data to send and then check to see whether their transmission has suffered a collision with another host's.

If a collision is detected then the data must be resent. The resending algorithm should try to minimise the chance that two hosts's data will repeatedly collide. For example, the CSMA/CD protocol used on Ethernet specifies that they should then wait for a random time before re-transmitting.

See also backoff.

This contrasts with slotted protocols and token passing.
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For example, high-feed cutters have a cutting geometry that is easy to define using tool management: The program then uses the free geometries of the cutting tool edge for calculation, simulation and collision checking.
The focus is on creating 3d bin models with collision checking in the coordination model.
The Collision Compute Shader level includes a Compute Shader that performs object boundary collision checking, surface collision checking, and subsequent collision response computation.
However, building the RRT tree or connecting PRM edges require extensive collision checking. In our case, collision checking between triangle meshes will severely hurt the performance.
Recently, with the development of parallel computing technologies [32-34], some approaches use GPU technology to improve processing time of robot collision checking [35-37].
Version 10 of its Unibend package features a collision checking feature that enables users to program the machine for new parts.
* performing overall collision checking (automate collision detection between machine/robot/part's elements) in order to prevent such events during part machining/manipulation; performing first stage simulation for i type part's uploading from [C.sub.1i] conveyor on the machine-tool's table, second stage simulation for j type part's uploading from [C.sub.1j] conveyor on the machine-tool's table, third stage simulation for i type part's machining (Fig.
Nearly 7,500 solid models are arranged by machining area or product family and come in the 3D Step format so they can be incorporated into design packages for collision checking in tool path simulations.
When they were run by EEW, PowerMILL fully justified the confidence placed in the software's ability to calculate the residual material model and to undertake collision checking of the milling machine.
It also includes enhanced collision checking that monitors spindle states for milling and turning simulation, enabling Vericut to catch common programming errors with spindle and cutting tool usage.
Collision checking is integral, as is machining, which is tied to either step-over or constant scallop height.

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